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JOYO R-23 Legal Done Noise Gate and Hum reducer guitar effect pedal

JOYO R-23 Legal Done Noise Gate and Hum reducer guitar effect pedal  - LEGAL DONE R-23 Order Series 4 - Revolution Direct
JOYO R-23 Legal Done Noise Gate and Hum reducer guitar effect pedal
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Introducing the JOYO Legal Done Noise Gate Pedal, the ultimate solution for eliminating unwanted noise from your guitar signal chain. Designed with precision and reliability in mind, this grey pedal weighs a mere 240 grams and boasts a sturdy metal alloy case for long-lasting durability.

The R-23 LEGAL DONE is not your average noise gate pedal – it supports both 2 and 4-cable connection methods, providing flexibility for various setups and configurations. Its unique noise reduction circuit and robust signal recognition system effectively remove hum and noise caused by guitar amps and pedals, ensuring your original tone remains pristine and unaffected.

Featuring intuitive controls, the Legal Done Noise Gate allows you to tailor your noise reduction settings with precision. The Hold knob determines how long the gate stays open after the signal falls below the threshold, while the Release knob controls the length of time taken to go from open to closed, giving you full control over your noise suppression parameters.

But functionality isn't the only thing that sets the Legal Done apart – its innovative JOYO R series ambient LED light adds a touch of style and glamour to your pedalboard setup, making a statement on stage or in the studio.

Experience the power of noise reduction with the JOYO Legal Done Noise Gate Pedal – the perfect companion for guitarists who demand clarity and precision in their tone. Say goodbye to unwanted noise and hello to pristine sound quality with JOYO reliability and innovation.

High precision control


  • Precise noise reduction control, freely adjusts threshold and length of time.
  • Eliminate noise and keep the original tone of the guitar.


R-23 LEGAL DONE Noise Gate Guitar Pedal

Send and return jack


  • Support both 2 cable method and 4 cable method.
  • To perform perfectly, please connect R-23 behind a reverb and delay guitar effects pedal.


R-23 LEGAL DONE Noise Gate Guitar Pedal

Ambient LED light


  • Unique and innovative ambient light adds a stylish and popular element to the guitarist's performance.
  • Also, LED indicator shows the working status.


R-23 LEGAL DONE Noise Gate Guitar Pedal

Power supply tip


  • Power supply: DC 9V is NOT included in the package.
  • Please select JOYO's original power supply or other reliable brands to reduce noise and damage.



Working VoltageDC 9V (center negative)
Current Consumption100mA
Input Impedance1MΩ
Output Impedance1KΩ
Dimensions4.29 x 2.83 x 1.89 inches
Connector Type1/4-Inch Straight
Material TypeAluminum, Steel

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