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JOYO Original JF-01 Series Pedal Manuals and Technical Details.

All user manuals are available to download in English for the UK, these are the original technical specs as supplied in the JOYO guitar effect box.

JOYO 1st Series
Guitar Effect
Download Manual
Vintage OverdriveJOYO JF01 user manual
Ultimate OverdriveJOYO JF02 user manual
Crunch DistortionJOYO JF03 user manual
High Gain DistortionJOYO JF04 user manual
Classic ChorusJOYO JF05 user manual
Vintage PhaseJOYO JF06 user manual
Classic FlangerJOYO JF07 user manual
Classic DelayJOYO JF08 user manual
TremoloJOYO JF09 user manual
Dynamic CompressorJOYO JF10 user manual
6 Band EQJOYO JF11 user manual
Voodoo Octave FuzzJOYO JF12 user manual
AC Tone (VOX)JOYO JF13 user manual
American Sound (Fender)JOYO JF14 user manual
Californian Sound (Mesa)JOYO JF15 user manual
British Sound (Marshall)JOYO JF16 user manual
Extreme MetalJOYO JF17 user manual
Power TuneJOYO JF18 user manual
Moist ReverbJOYO JF20 user manual
Splinter DistortionJOYO JF21 user manual
Oxford Sound (Orange)JOYO JF22 user manual

25 Mar Updated JOYO Product Manuals and Downloads
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 11525
If you are looking for a manual for your JOYO guitar effect pedal, amplifier or something else we make, then we have just updated the manuals library with the latest versions and models.You can down..
10 Mar What order do I put my guitar effect pedals in?
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 10930
What order do I put my guitar effect pedals in?The order you would put your pedals in for your guitar are grouped and put into the following order :>> Dynamics – including Compressors, Volume, Wah..
27 Mar Daisy Chain guitar effect pedal power supply.
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 10894
One way to power up more than one guitar pedal is to use a daisy chain power supply.A Daisy chain is a power extension that can have 4,5 or more 5.5mm jacks to power multiple pedals from one supply...
25 Feb What Battery should I use in my guitar effect pedal.
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 10408
Many guitar effect pedals can be powered by a battery which can reduce the number of wires in your pedalboard and make it more convenient to travel around with. The JOYO guitar effect pedals in Series..
13 Dec Total Guitar Review JOYO JF-02 Ultimate Overdrive Pedal Video
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 10360
 Guitar Pedal Shootout - Fulltone OCD vs Joyo Ultimate Drive (Total Guitar 251) A great video and review from Total Guitar Europe's best-selling guitar magazine,  Februa..
14 Dec JOYO Tremolo - Chris Walton Demo
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 10263
 Thanks to Chris Walton for posting his demo of the JOYO Tremolo pedal to our new JOYO AUDIO UK facebook page..We loved it Chris, thanks for letting us know what you think and sharing it ..
04 Dec JOYO Compressor - Chris Walton Demo
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 10160
Chris may just become a regular face at JOYO Audio, a result of engaging with our customers on our Facebook Page, we struck an instant like to his most educational ways. A natural.  Here Chris ta..
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