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JOYO UK - Series 1 - Vintage Guitar Effect Pedals

JOYO UK - Series 1 - Vintage Guitar Effect Pedals

The JOYO Pedals JF01 series is the 1st generation of pedals from JOYO, originally launched in 2010.

The range of pedals is heavily inspired by some classic guitar effects, the original series of JOYO pedals are very well built, enclosed in aluminium alloy cases and stand the test of time. They are as popular today as they were in 2010.

Over time, the pedals have been used, discussed, demonstrated, reviewed, modded and even rebranded!  Underneath the rebrand, some called it 'boutique' but we have the original JOYO technology.

JOYO effect pedals have established themselves as an affordable alternative to more expensive brands out there, but do not fail on the tone achieved.

With great reviews and youtube demonstration videos plenty to support a reason to buy, you will be sure to find an effect that suits your tone. On the website, each product from the JOYO pedals 1st series has a demo to listen to and is often supported by customer reviews. Choose pedals from compression, classic vintage overdrives, distortion, fuzz, chorus, tremolo, chorus, delay and amp simulation.

JOYO Pedals offer a comprehensive range of affordable gear & we know it sounds good!

JF-01 JOYO Series 1 Manuals

JOYO JDI-01 is a modern and efficient DI box from JOYO Audio. It features the best of guitar cabinet simulation, a ground lift switch and a balanced XLR output that makes it an ideal choice for either the studio or the stage. The DI box is made from die cast aluminium with a very attractive blue-spa..
The JOYO Power Tune delivers a compact and convenient way to combine all the essential tools of the guitarists pedalboard that enable it to all happen. The JOYO Power tune is a True Bypass guitar pedal tuner and guitar effect pedal power supply, with built in noise isolating filters.The JF-18 Po..
Introducing the JOYO JF-19 Buffer Tuner, a versatile and essential addition to any guitarist's pedalboard. Designed in a sleek black casing and weighing just 239 grams, this compact pedal combines fast, accurate tuning with high-quality buffering capabilities to ensure pristine tone and seamless..
Introducing the JOYO ORTHROS SELECTOR JF-24, your ultimate solution for flexible effect routing and control. Crafted by JOYO, this line selector guitar pedal empowers you to effortlessly manage multiple devices and digital pedals, allowing you to tailor your sound with precision.The JF-24 features..
Introducing the JOYO JF-24 Tiny Huge Fuzz – your gateway to the vintage fuzz tones of the 90s, packed into a compact and stylish pink pedal. Crafted by JOYO, this pedal delivers punchy bass and a unique sustained tone, perfect for guitar solos and riff-heavy performances.Featuring intuitive ..
Introducing the JOYO Blues Overdrive Guitar Pedal in Bright Day, your ticket to timeless blues tones with a modern twist. Crafted by JOYO, this pedal combines vintage warmth with the punchy character of a 90s tube amp head, delivering a rich and dynamic overdrive that's perfect for blues enthusi..
 The JOYO Vintage Overdrive pedal introduces warm overtones when used as a clean volume boost and when cranked to 11 the guitar pedal has the searing tone and warmth of a classic overdriven tube amp.This is a great live pedal, the simple controls make it easy to use when you're up a..
JOYO Moist Reverb multi Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar and Electric BassIt is a more than useable reverb pedal with 3 types of reverb to dial into your effect chain. From subtle to ethereal, you can dial it in at your fingertips.Enjoy!Digital reverb effect pedal Powerful 32-bit DSP chi..
The JOYO Ultimate overdrive is a pedal for everyone!Despite the skull graphic making you think this is a dark sounding pedal, it surprisingly subtle & warm at low 'drive' settings, but turn it up and it soon becomes a monster, like the vintage overdrive, it's easy ..
A great pedal with a brilliantly cutting tone and heaps of volume on tap, perfect for rhythm & solo duties.The Crunch Distortion features true bypass wiring & quality components. Truly it is a tone monster/arena rock pedal. Designed to replicate the sound of a Marshall cranked way up, the ..
"Who's ready to become a 'Shred Master'? From Blues Rock through to Heavy Metal this pedal has you covered!"Although the JOYO JF-04 High Gain Distortion might look like it's an all out metal pedal it is far from a one trick pony. Yes you can get some astoundingly good Hea..
The JOYO JF-05 Classic Chorus pedal has just that, the classic chorus sound that is heard on masses of recordings. The Classic Chorus, a modulation effect, can breathe life into slowly picked arpeggiated chords and add a whole new dimension to overdriven guitar parts as well. Make your 6 string guit..
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