One way to power up more than one guitar pedal is to use a daisy chain power supply.


A Daisy chain is a power extension that can have 4,5 or more 5.5mm jacks to power multiple pedals from one supply. Some consideration must be taken in how you use it and what you are powering.

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So you are building up your collection of guitar effects and now have 5 pedals, do you need 5 power supplies?

Before you start thinking about using a daisy chain, you must add up the total mA of your pedals that you are going to power using your daisy chain cable. The Ma is the current that the effect pedal draws from the power supply. Typically a pedal is 100mah, but this varies, so always check. Some can be as low as 30mah, digital pedals can be 250ma, 500ma. so you must check, add them up, do not plug it in and see what happens.


YOU will blow up your gear if you power it incorrectly, it is not the pedal's fault.

You must also make sure that have a suitable mains power supply that exceeds that MA total and you must make sure that all of your pedals are going to operate at the same voltage as each other.

It must also be the right polarity & voltage.

Don’t ever plug a power supply adapter with the wrong voltage polarity into a pedal, otherwise, you’ll just end up with an expensive paperweight.

You will not only short out your pedal but also your warranty.

You should have a mains power supply with a current mA rating greater than the current rating of the pedal, or pedals connected. A good supply will be in the region of 800ma+ enough to power the pedals on the chain

If you are powering multiple pedals from a single power supply (daisy-chaining), then add up all the current mA ratings of your pedals. Do not exceed the wall power supply total mA

Do not try and power your pedals with flowers, this will not work.

How to Connect up your Daisy Chain

A daisy chain has no circuit or short-out protection for your pedals, 0% protection, so you must take great care.

Never ever ever ever (I'm even going to put in another ever) unplug your power jack leads when the power is on.

If you plug a pedal into a live daisy chain, there will be a surge, this can damage your pedal.

You will see sparks as your pedal fries.. turn it off when connecting any power.

or buy a proper multi power supply..

  • Insert the daisy power cable into each pedal in the chain when the power is off. Insert the 9v wall supply to the female daisy extension.
  • connect up your patch cables (audio)



  1. A daisy chain does not regulate the power supply to each pedal, so who knows what is going on.

  2. There is a big risk of you damaging pedals for that reason above.

  3. There is increased noise because each pedal is drawing different amounts.

  4. However it is convenient, cheap and tidier, slightly better than using a battery.

  5. I would never advise chaining more than 4 pedals on one wall plug.

  6. Always make sure there is more than enough juice to satisfy the thirsty pedal.

  7. cover any exposed jacks.

  8.   If you have 5 pedals, if you can, as soon as you can, they should ideally be powered by a decent short circuit filtered multi power supply. like the JP-02, or JP-05.

  9. Just because you can does not mean that you should.. Electricity breaks pedals and people, don't mess about with it if you are not sure, please ask..