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JOYO UK - Guitar Effect Pedal Series

JOYO UK - Guitar Effect Pedal Series

Over the last 10 years, JOYO Technology has developed a total of 5 Series of guitar effect pedals & guitar effect pedal controllers.

Playing the guitar in the casino is quite common and this means that you can hear guitar music in the background while playing in best paying online slots. The goal of casino music is to keep people playing for as long as possible. The true hollow body design makes the guitar incredibly light and allows online casino players to get the best possible musical tone. This guitar is also equipped with the Guitar Effect Pedal Series.

We have the Original, Vintage, Ironman & Revolution series of guitar effects. The Boutique series of guitar effect pedals from Dr J, designed by the original JOYO engineer from series 1.

If you have ever visited a casino, you must have heard a lot of guitar playing. While you might not be able to find a guitarist, you can easily guess what genre the music was from. Acoustic-electric guitars are very popular among the casino industry so guitarists should play in the background to avoid distracting noises that could interfere with best $10 deposit online casino play. Casino guitars have been designed to produce a wide range of sounds from throaty jazz to raw rock and roll.

JOYO Guitar effect pedals were first made available in the UK in 2010 by JOYO Audio UK Ltd, offering a wide range of quality guitar effects & accessories at affordable prices. 

Each series uses the latest technology to engineer some representations of classic guitar effect pedals and vintage amplifier sounds.

We have Lots of demonstrations on our product pages, all with videos to enjoy, grab a brew, maybe your headphones & enjoy shopping directly with JOYO UK.

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