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Rob Goodwin on 20/07/2021
I have bought a number of products from the Joyo range, including effects pedals... Read More..
Sam on 12/07/2021
This is the first power supply that I've bought, so I can't compare it to any ot... Read More..
Rob on 09/05/2021
Love it its loud and would recommend for pracice Read More..
Rob on 09/05/2021
Gotta a B-stock arrived perfect mint complete condition, be warned this is a lou... Read More..
Rob on 09/05/2021
Bought a B-stock FireBrand arrived in perfect mint condition Very loud, paired with an 8ohm small speaker Cab defo loud enough for practice session miked small gig, headphones work well what a little monster. Read More..
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Guitar Patch Cables

Guitar Patch Cables

Guitar Patch Cables - JOYO guitar patch cables are high quality guitar patch cables that you can rely on, they are solid and made to last.

Short guitar patch cables CM11 or longer ones CM05.

Make your own solder free guiitar patch cable in any size with the CM-15 solder free guitar patch cable kit by combining JOYO CM-15 Solder Free Guitar Patch Cable Plugs x 2   and JOYO CM-15 Solder Free Guitar Patch Cable in 1m Lengths

Ready made Cm-16 and Cm-17 solder free patch cables 

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JOYO shielded mono patch guitar cables are crafted with high quality PVC and pure copper conductors...
£15.59 Exc VAT: £12.99
JOYO shielded mono instrument guitar patch cables are crafted with high quality PVC and pure copper ..
£17.50 Exc VAT: £14.58
If you have purchased our Solder Free guitar cable kit, you might need some additional cable, well n..
£2.34 Exc VAT: £1.95
JOYO CM-15 Solder Free Guitar Patch Cable Plugs x 2 Fancy making your own solder free guitar patch ..
£4.74 Exc VAT: £3.95
JOYO CM-15 Solder Free Patch Cable Kit with Tools 10 x 6.35mm Copper TS (Mono) connectors In Soon.
The JOYO CM-15 solder free pedalboard kit allows you to custom make your own patch cables and wire u..
£44.95 Exc VAT: £37.46
JOYO Daisy Guitar Effect Pedal Power & Patch Kit New
  If you are wondering what to power your guitar pedals with, or how to connect them up. The J..
£29.99 Exc VAT: £24.99
CM-17 Solder Free Patch Cable measuring 300mm long with a 6.35mm TRS for Guitar Effect Pedal &middo..
£6.59 Exc VAT: £5.49
CM-16 Solder Free guitar Patch Cable measuring 80mm long with a 6.35mm TRS for Guitar Effect Pedal ..
£7.14 Exc VAT: £5.95
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What is an IR file ? Impulse Response - Guitars
I also get asked about IR files, particularly as a couple of our products use IR files. It makes sense for me to try and explain in basic terms what an IR file is, why you might be interested in using one. With guitar pedals you have analog and digital. IR files are used in digital pedals, we are taking a digital snapshot of audio. When you use a preset on a computer, you load it in right?.. That is a the principal of the IR file.   On the JOYO Cab Box it simulates different guitar cabinets/speaker types & Microphones. In order to recreate these sounds, we have 'recorde..
What’s the Difference between Analog and Digital Delay Guitar Effect Pedals?
I often get asked what the difference is between these 2 delay guitar effect pedal types. There are basically two kinds of JOYO delay pedals available: 1.    Analog delay effect pedals 2.    Digital delay effect pedals. >>  View all the JOYO Delay pedals. Both have their strengths, good for doing different things, they are great on guitar, bass or acoustic. If you can plug it in then anything can be used with delay. The delay is without doubt at home on a guitarist’s pedalboard, every electronic instrument, studio, singer must have o..
The Best Of JOYO YouTube Videos ever.
Here is my first collection of great videos about JOYO guitar effects & amps.   Lots of testing and reviewing of our pedals and amps happens over on YouTube, great entertainment. Honest, brutal and entertaining channels about guitars, pedals and more,  we are regular watchers of the channels for sure!.   I just did a search on youtube of the JOYO videos (as I do) to see what was the most popular, this is pretty much that result on this page.   So, If you are ready to indulge yourself with some great videos about pedals and amps,  then scroll aroun..
JOYO UK 2021 Introducing New Music - Maya Delilah
The JOYO UK unsigned artistfor March is the delighful Maya Delilah.   Maya has over 250k followers on TikTok and millions of plays and views online, the numbers are impressive !   It might have even been one of my daughters who showed me Maya Delilah playing an electric guitar, using a pedal looper on ‘TikTok’ social media. I found her on Spotify & YouTube. It made us want to know more. So many views and listens, great for sharing her guitar playing skills.   I'm not that familiar with Tik Tok as a user. My teenage daughters have been over the..
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