Here is my first collection of great videos about JOYO guitar effects & amps.


Lots of testing and reviewing of our pedals and amps happens over on YouTube, great entertainment. Honest, brutal and entertaining channels about guitars, pedals and more,  we are regular watchers of the channels for sure!.


I just did a search on youtube of the JOYO videos (as I do) to see what was the most popular, this is pretty much that result on this page.


So, If you are ready to indulge yourself with some great videos about pedals and amps,  then scroll around and hit play now.


Do you have a favourite JOYO video that really should be embedded into this page? Let us know in the comments below.

A massive thank you to everyone who made the content below. Live long and prosper.


With over 339K views Shane from "" In the Blues channel nails it with the most watched JOYO pedal video on You Tube. This amazing review of Joyo Voodoo Octave Fuzz Pedal Demo
Shane is from Australia and clearly has the best channel, but we would say that because he has the most views..


Why thank you very much Josh ! I can only apologise that I (on behalf of the UK) never personally post a comment on forums or videos or anywhere really, bit what a great video, a big surprise to see it pop up last year. I enjoyed watching you showing me some of your favourite pedals from Joyo's R series of effects. He says that these are some of the coolest budget pedals you can get, what a nice guy !.


It was so good to read some comments in the reviews that are getting warmer to the reality. I gave Peter Hook the D-seed & Power Supply to use and yes I love Joy Division too.

intheblues Shane was an early user of the Amp sim pedals and this video is perfect for showing how good the direct recording can be, as shown in this video or you can also use it on a clean channel of an amp for turning it into a monster..

283K views 7 years ago

Erik Z says here that a lot of people are saying that the JOYO Ultimate Drive is a clone of the Fulltone OCD. ?

We don't know what he is talking about..Never heard of 'em


intheblues This is the Joyo Vintage Overdrive Pedal. This pedal features an amp like "natural clipping" tone when a tube amp clean channel is cranked.

EytschPi42 Henning from Germany, takes a bunch of Joyo Pedals with the same settings and the same Amp and Guitar and you decide which is best ! Harley Benton is an own brand of Thomann, made by JOYO of course.

i""ntheblues 225K views 7 years ago In this video Shane has the Fender Deluxe Reverb against the Joyo American Sound Fender Amplifier Simulation Pedal. ..

218K views 8 years ago
"" gearmanndude takes the original versus the US Dream, some think it is a clone. a side by side comparison.

212K views 8 years ago
"" ADDICTED TO GEARHere is a sound test of the Joyo Analog Delay pedal being played through an Mesa Boogie Electra Dyne 90 watt head and ...

Joyo American Sound Amplifier Emulation Pedal (Fender Tones) 208K views 7 years ago

This is the Joyo American Sound Amplifier Emulation Pedal which Shane thinks is basically a Tech-21 Blonde Clone. Maybe that's Aussie slang or something..

Joyo Fender, Marshall, & Vox Amplifier Pedals

""205K views 7 years ago, This video compares the tone of three of the Joyo Amplifier Simulation Pedals. 1. American Sound - Based n the 57 Bandmaster ...

Joyo AC Tone Amplifier Emulation Pedal (Vox Tones)

""195K views 7 years ago
inthebluesThe Joyo AC Tone Amplifier Emulation Pedal will give you the VOX sounds direct into a mixer, PA system or direct recording. Queen of the pedals.


Don't be scared, It really is not that complicated check out the improved instructions in our support area too. .When you get one, it will change the way you use your pedals.

Joyo Ultimate Overdrive Pedal Demo

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