You might be amazed to see the results! If you are thinking of JOYO Pedals, then which JOYO pedal should you go for first?


With over 140 JOYO pedals & Amps to consider, never mind all the others in the meta-pedal-verse. A good place to start will be with the most popular, the most in demand.

22 pedals for 22. You can read the reviews and watch demos online.

We will repeat this blog every year until 2153, so don't worry, there is plenty of time.


Enjoy !


PositionProduct Name
1JOYO Jf-14 American Sound Guitar Effect Pedal
2JOYO Pre amp House 18 Guitar Amplifier Simulators In 1 R-15
3JOYO D seed II 2 Stereo Delay Guitar Effect Pedal - 8 Modes Tap Tempo Memory
4JOYO Jp-02 Guitar Effect Pedal Multi Power Supply
5JOYO Dc-15 S Guitar Amplifier With Multi Fx, Looper, Bluetooth, Footswitch & Drums
6JOYO Jf-01 Vintage Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal
7JOYO JF-02 Ultimate Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal
8JOYO Jf-10 Dynamic Compressor Guitar Effect Pedal
9JOYO I-Plug Guitar Amp With Effects For iPhone, Ipad, iPod, Android Or Windows Smart Phones
10JOYO Jam Buddy Electric Guitar Practise Amp - Bluetooth - 2 Channel - Delay
11JOYO Jf-09 Tremolo Guitar Effect Pedal
12JOYO Jf-16 British Sound Guitar Effect Pedal
13JOYO Jf-11 6-Band Equalizer Eq Guitar Effect Pedal
14JOYO Classic Wah Volume Pedal - Dual Mode
15JOYO Baatsin 8 Mode Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal R-11
16JOYO Jf-08 Digital Delay Guitar Effect Pedal
17JOYO Vivo Bantamp Guitar Amp Head 20W Pre Amp Tube Hybrid
18JOYO Jf-07 Classic Flanger Guitar Effect Pedal
1918V 1A Mains Ac-Dc Adaptor Power Supply For JOYO Jp-02
20JOYO Tauren Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal - R-01 Revolution Series
21JOYO Jf-312 Pipe Bomb Compressor Ironman Mini Guitar Effects Pedal
22JOYO Jf-05 Classic Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal