2 new amps have been added to the JOYO bantamp range in the UK.

This is the UK version of the amp, available with a UK power supply. The 12AX7 pre amp tube produces warm smooth overdrive tones that do not clip tone as a typical fixed state amp head would. The Tube Pre amp has the sonic focus of fattening tone stages and keeps your guitar sounding true to its original tone.

With 2 channels to use it makes the JOYO head amp twice as versatile as alternatives on the market and the small size makes a great portable companion for musicians at home, recording, at practice or on the road performing. A true hybrid amp of the valve and the latest in solid-state technology.

With a built-in FX Loop, it is the ideal guitar head to make the most of your effect pedal chain. Combine that with Bluetooth, Headphone Out with a Built-in Cab Speaker Amp Simulation the BantAmp range from JOYO are perfect for use in the home studio & performing direct into PA systems.

The Tweedy is based on a most popular amp, realised in our American pedal, we wanted to recreate a more authentic tone than ever before.

The Meteor 2 XL is based on our love of punk, grit and grungey rock.

Which one do you prefer? A Classic American 57 Deluxe or an Orange stack that is perfect for some grungey punk rage.