The JOYO CAB BOX is a guitar cabinet emulator, a guitar effect pedal that allows full configuration of vintage and modern amps. You can configure the power amp, Cab simulations, Microphone type and distance, EQ, midi control and loading & editing of 3rd party IR files. Here you can download the software and instructions for managing your Cab Box with the JOYO Software on Mac, or PC.


Released 11.3.2021 V1.1.0 - JOYO Cab box software

Features updated

1Added option [JOYO Cab Box Firmware ne] in [Poweramp] section
2Add [Factory reset] in software

If you get the message that the firmware is too old, you can update the firmware with this software.

Install this software.

How to update JOYO Cab Box firmware:
1 Install the latest software(V1.1.0)
2 Press and hold the two-foot switch, and then connect the power supply, it will enter firmware update mode
3 Open the latest software and click update
4 Wait till the update is completed and the cab box will reboot
5 Done

Download Instructions.
The software is compressed using Winrar, the installation file is contained within the .rar. if you do JOYO Cab Box Firmware already have WinRAR installed then please download the free version Here >>


So if you click on the software and it displays a load of gobbledygook, then please download WinRAR/WinZip to decompress the software before installation.

Download Instructions.PDF 5.8MB

Download JOYO CAB Box PC Softwareoftwarev V1.1 = 1.15MB

Download JOYO CAB Box MAC Software V1.1 = 2 MB



The Cab box makes everything about recording or performing so much easier and authentic with a massive array of adjustable parameters to achieve the custom guitar set-up of your choice.

The JOYO Cab Box has a straightforward and user-friendly interface that fits on the pedalboard, it offers full configuration and eliminates complex menu options found on amps, tablets and computers.

The sound of vintage and modern amps is at your feet.

The JOYO Cab box features

  • 4 tube power amps - select and edit the tube parameter, Select tubes from 6L6,6V6, EL34 or EL84
  • 20 cabinet models (see below)
  • 11 classic microphone models - adjusting microphone model, microphone type, microphone angle position & distance.
  • 3 fully configurable posts EQs for guitar, bass & parametric. With settings for Gain & Attenuation, Q value, Low & High Pass filtering. The 5 band EQ is fully customisable, setting the 5 bands from 80hz to 11khz and level adjustments as required for each.
  • 20 preset IR loading and an additional 10 loading memory banks for third party IR.
  • 128 cab memory slots to save all of your presets.

An IR is an impulse response (IR, for short) its a sound measurement that takes into account the conditions around a guitar cabinet speaker, including the room, microphone and mic preamp. The JOYO Cab box works with third-party IR files, simply connect to the pc/mac via USB for IR loading using the JOYO Cab software.

With the JOYO Cab Box IR loader, in addition to 20 preset saving locations, you can store 10 additional third-party IRs, Using the software you can load or delete third-party IRs and then apply these to the Cab box emulation.


The JOYO cab box software can be used on both Mac and PC for use with the JOYO Cab Box Cab sim and IR Loader. The software can be used whilst connected to the computer, for easier control when using the Cab box in the studio set up. Changes made are instant to the cab box environment.


Extract the software and install it using the Setup program, this is found in the JOYO_CAB_BOX folder.


JOYO Cab Box Firmware

Launch the set-up program and select the installation location. In this version, we are using a PC and will create an icon on the desktop

Create a Desktop Icon

JOYO Cab Box Firmware


Wait a bit…

JOYO Cab Box Firmware


Done!JOYO Cab Box Firmware

  • To operate the software you must connect the JOYO CAB Box to your PC with the supplied USB cable and power it with a suitable power supply. Windows will automatically install drivers.

The application can be launched from the Desktop and will only launch when connected.

When the software is launched you will see the Graphical User Interface. GUI. When changing settings here the JOYO Cab Box can be controlled live from the GUI.

Here you can select the different parts of the Cab box set-up option.

Power Amp – selecting tubes


Guitar Cab / Recording Microphone – selecting Cabs & IR files

JOYO Cab Box Firmware

EQ – adjusting EQ

JOYO Cab Box Firmware

Option – Visit the JOYO website.

Bypass – ByPass mode.

Changes can be made to any of the settings or presets and also exported to use later.


The JOYO cab box allows the import of the third party and saved IR files. IR (Impulse Response) files are found in the format of. WAV files, many of these are found online, just search for a cab

To import an IR file into the JOYO CAB box, first, select the Cab/Mic option and then the preset number you would like to import/overwrite.

In the drop-down box, select the + icon next to an empty preset.


Locate your IR .wav file to import. in this case, we are importing an ENGL Special edition cab IR.

JOYO Cab Box Firmware joyo= cab box


When the file has been imported the following message will be displayed.

The new Cab model will be loaded into the JOYO CAB BOX and should be SAVED.

JOYO Cab Box Firmware

Save to location

JOYO Cab Box Firmware

The Cab IR is JOYO Cab Box Firmware loaded and ready to test!