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02 Aug JOYO Product Catalogue 2022
David 0 6061
 >> PLEASE VISIT THE OFFICIAL JOYO STORE Download the latest full JOYO product catalogue ..
30 Mar JOYO ZGP Guitar Effect Pedal and Power Supply Noise Filter
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 16744
The JOYO ZGP is a wide-range voltage input power supply filter, specially designed for isolating & blocking a power supply's hum and noise to make your pedals sound cleaner and only give you the signa..
27 Mar Daisy Chain guitar effect pedal power supply.
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 18535
One way to power up more than one guitar pedal is to use a daisy chain power supply.>> PLEASE VISIT THE OFFICIAL JOYO STORE  PLEASE VISIT THE OFFICIAL JOYO STORE ..
25 Mar Updated JOYO Product Manuals and Downloads
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 22668
If you are looking for a manual for your JOYO guitar effect pedal, amplifier or something else we make, then we have just updated the manuals library with the latest versions and models.You can down..
22 Mar What is an IR file ? Impulse Response - Guitars
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 16305
I also get asked about IR files, particularly as a couple of our products use IR files. It makes sense for me to try and explain in basic terms what an IR file is, why you might be interested in using..
21 Mar What’s the Difference between Analog and Digital Delay Guitar Effect Pedals?
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 17758
I often get asked what the difference is between these 2 delay guitar effect pedal types. There are two kinds of JOYO delay pedals available:1.    Analog delay effect pedals 2.    Digital delay eff..
17 Mar Gem Box 3 III  Software and Presets PC and Mac
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 15286
JOYO Gem Box 3 - Software Download for PC & Mac Software & Preset downloads for the JOYO Gem Box 3.   JOYO Audio for GEM BOX III (Windows) ..
15 Mar How to Diagnose and Fix Noisy Guitar Effect Pedals
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 24874
I have been meaning to write this article for years, in fact I started it and never got around to finishing it, because it can be a complex issue that can send you off on tangents. So I thought I woul..
13 Mar What do Guitar Effect pedals do ?
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 12332
 A guitar effect pedal is an electronic device that alters the sound of a musical instrument or other audio source through audio signal processing. It's a magic box of tricks that will ..
11 Mar Replacing the tube in your JOYO Bantamp
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 13295
The JOYO Bantamp range use a single 12ax7 tube in the preamp, it is likely at some point you might need to change the tube in your amp.Unfortunately a tube is not covered in any guitar amp warrant..
10 Mar What order do I put my guitar effect pedals in?
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 19514
What order do I put my guitar effect pedals in?>> PLEASE VISIT THE OFFICIAL JOYO STORE  Dynamics – including Compressors, Volume, Wah & Pitch>> Drive – Including Overdrive, Distortion & Fuzz>> M..
06 Mar JOYO R12 PreAmp House Firmware update Download Software
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 16652
 This firmware updates an issue when using the FX LOOP. Please download and read the instructions within the zip file, download the zip file and install the software for PC or Mac. Installat..
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