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Just a few of the lovely people on this planet who use JOYO guitar effects and amps.


United in pedals.


18 Mar The Best Of JOYO YouTube Videos ever
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 12203
Here is my first collection of great videos about JOYO guitar effects & amps. Lots of testing and reviewing of our pedals and amps happens over on YouTube, great entertainment. Honest, brutal and ..
01 Jan JOSE DE CASTRO Dr J JOYO signature Comp Driver Pedal
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 11468
JOYO Audio are  proud to reveal the new Signtaure pedal and  CD that form part of JOSÉ DE CASTRO 4 studio albums. In April 2014, the CD was released to the China music market, the  “Best of José de Ca..
31 Dec JOYO Signature OverDrive Boost pedal Artist: Bin Ji
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 10989
We have great pleasure to introduce Bin Ji as endorser for JOYO Audio and in particular the new signature pedal, OverDrive Boost. For those of you who haven't come across Bin Ji before, he is a famous..
26 Dec JOYO Artist Powering Peter Hook and The Light.
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 11165
Manchester Man Peter Hook, founder of JOY Division / NEW Order, someone who inspired us in music and in business. We gave Hooky and these local Manchester lads some of our JOYO gear to try out. We put..
15 Dec Marcelo Roascio - Performance JOYO Audio UK
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 11004
JOYO Audio UK are pleased to introduce you to Marcelo Roascio.  Marcelo recently performed a number of his tracks for JOYO at the NAMM music show this year 2014 in California USA. No..
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