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There are so many great videos and soundbites out there, so much talented, unheard music that deserves sharing. So here at JOYO UK, we are going to be sharing all the JOYO user videos we have been watching and listening to. Featuring You and our other JOYO enthusiasts around the world. Get in touch with us via Facebook, introduce yourself, share your videos & music with us, we could just feature you here.


30 Mar JOYO ZGP Guitar Effect Pedal and Power Supply Noise Filter
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 16744
The JOYO ZGP is a wide-range voltage input power supply filter, specially designed for isolating & blocking a power supply's hum and noise to make your pedals sound cleaner and only give you the signa..
18 Mar The Best Of JOYO YouTube Videos ever
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 12203
Here is my first collection of great videos about JOYO guitar effects & amps. Lots of testing and reviewing of our pedals and amps happens over on YouTube, great entertainment. Honest, brutal and ..
10 Mar What order do I put my guitar effect pedals in?
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 19514
What order do I put my guitar effect pedals in?>> PLEASE VISIT THE OFFICIAL JOYO STORE  Dynamics – including Compressors, Volume, Wah & Pitch>> Drive – Including Overdrive, Distortion & Fuzz>> M..
28 Jan JOYO Guitar Effects user pedalboard gallery - Send us your entry here
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 10777
JOYO Guitar Effects user pedalboard gallery - Send us your entry here ! We have lots of entries so far.. check them out here in our facebook post, either share them, tag us or PM us with ..
24 Jan Phoenix Music's JOYO Mega Board switch on !
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 10755
JOYO Audio UK presents new JOYO dealer Phoenix Music & their JOYO Mega demo pedalboard. You can find them at 40-42 Gaol Road, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST16 3AR.The pedalboards have been kitted..
20 Jan Watch JOYO Guitar Effect Pedal Tone Demo AC Tone, Classic Flanger & Quattro Delay
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 10836
We try out 3 JOYO guitar effect pedals in our 'Brian' influenced tone demonstration, an introduction to using the JOYO AC Tone, Classic Flanger & 4 mode Quattro Delay with settings used.For mo..
04 Jan JOYO Ironman Guitar Effects - TOTAL GUITAR BEST BUY & REVIEW
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 11336
The New range of JOYO Ironman guitar effect pedals have been reviewed in Total Guitar Magazine this Month (thats April edition - but out in March?). We are over JOYO'ed with the result for our fir..
15 Dec Marcelo Roascio - Performance JOYO Audio UK
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 11004
JOYO Audio UK are pleased to introduce you to Marcelo Roascio.  Marcelo recently performed a number of his tracks for JOYO at the NAMM music show this year 2014 in California USA. No..
14 Dec JOYO Tremolo - Chris Walton Demo
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 11152
 Thanks to Chris Walton for posting his demo of the JOYO Tremolo pedal to our new JOYO AUDIO UK facebook page..We loved it Chris, thanks for letting us know what you think and sharing it ..
13 Dec Total Guitar Review JOYO JF-02 Ultimate Overdrive Pedal Video
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 11566
 Guitar Pedal Shootout - Fulltone OCD vs Joyo Ultimate Drive (Total Guitar 251) A great video and review from Total Guitar Europe's best-selling guitar magazine,  Februa..
08 Dec Check out Shane from In The Blues
by JOYO UK - Dave 0 10769
Check out the Vlog review of the JOYO JF-39 Deluxe Crunch Overdrive Pedal. Our mate Shane from Oz, In The Blues does us proud. Whilst Based in Australia, far away from Manchester England. Shane does a..
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