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JOYO R-27 Gloam Bass Guitar Octave Fuzz Effect Pedal

JOYO R-27 Gloam Bass Guitar Octave Fuzz Effect Pedal  - JOYO R-27 Gloam Bass Order Series 4 - Revolution Direct
JOYO R-27 Gloam Bass Guitar Octave Fuzz Effect Pedal
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Introducing the JOYO R-27 Gloam Bass Guitar Octave Fuzz Effect Pedal, a versatile powerhouse designed to enhance your bass performance. Boasting a sleek scarlet finish and weighing just 400 grams, this pedal combines the rich textures of octave and fuzz effects in a single unit, providing deep bass and smooth tones that elevate your sound to new heights.

With independent knobs for octave and fuzz controls, the R-27 gives you complete control over your tone. Toggle the octave channel on/off with the footswitch and adjust the volume of the sub-octave signal with precision using the dedicated knob.

Experience ultimate versatility with the fuzz channel, offering two distinct modes with high and low-frequency control. Whether you're laying down thick basslines or shredding through guitar solos, this pedal delivers the perfect sound for any performance.

Easily shift between octave, fuzz, and dry tones with the bassist's dry/wet tone toggle switch, allowing for seamless adjustments without interference. Plus, the rugged metal alloy case and high-quality precision components ensure durability and reliability, while the innovative JOYO R series ambient LED light adds a touch of style to your pedalboard setup.

Unleash your creativity and explore new sonic possibilities with the JOYO R-27 Gloam Bass Guitar Octave Fuzz Effect Pedal. Whether you're gigging on stage or recording in the studio, this pedal is your ultimate tool for sonic innovation.

R-29 Octave Fuzz Effect Pedal

Multi-function control knob


  • Both the octave and the fuzz effects can be adjusted independently.
  • Bass tone adjustment changes 2 different frequencies by toggle switch.


R-29 Octave Fuzz Effect Pedal

Independent Footswitch


  • SUB OCTAVE can be turned on/off independently, SUB OCTAVE Knob controls the volume of Sub octave signal.


R-29 Octave Fuzz Effect Pedal

2 Fuzz Modes


  • Two modes of fuzz effects can be switched by a toggle switch.
  • This allows the tone to switch between different sounds, adding more variety to the playing.


R-29 Octave Fuzz Effect Pedal

DC 9V Power Supply

  • Power supply: DC 9V is NOT included in the package.
  • JOYO original power supply or other reliable brands to reduce noise and damage.


Working VoltageDC 9V (center negative)
Current Consumption>120mA
Input Impedance1MΩ
Output Impedance150Ω
Dimensions130*110* 50mm
Connector Type1/4-Inch Straight


Bass Octave and Fuzz

  • JOYO R-29 GLOAM is a low octave and fuzz guitar pedal, which can be adjusted independently.
  • The pedal not only has 2 fuzz modes but contains dry/wet sounds mix knob. You can set different tones with the bass dry volume, octave volume, and fuzz volume to get tailored bass tones in both live performances and studio recordings.


R-29 Octave Fuzz Effect Pedal

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