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JOYO R-24 High Gain Overdrive Effect Pedal Amplifier Simulation RIGEL PREAMP R-24

JOYO R-24 High Gain Overdrive Effect Pedal Amplifier Simulation RIGEL PREAMP R-24  - RIGEL PREAMP R-24 Order Series 4 - Revolution Direct
JOYO R-24 High Gain Overdrive Effect Pedal Amplifier Simulation RIGEL PREAMP R-24
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Introducing the JOYO Rigel Overdrive Preamp Pedal, a powerhouse of tone designed for metal guitarists seeking clean, rich, and futuristic overdrive tones. Housed in a striking brown metal alloy case and weighing 380 grams, this pedal combines high-gain preamp capabilities with versatile controls to unlock endless sonic possibilities.

With its high-gain analogue circuitry, the JOYO Rigel simulates the sound of a high-gain amplifier head, delivering punchy and aggressive overdrive tones reminiscent of the most coveted metal tones. Whether you're shredding riffs or crafting melodic solos, the Rigel offers unparalleled clarity and definition to cut through any mix.

Experience ultimate versatility with three special head tone modes, allowing you to tailor your tone to suit your playing style and musical preferences. Fine-tune your sound with the 3-band EQ, high gain, and drive multifunctional control knobs, while the BRIGHT/FEEL/MOD tone toggle switches provide additional customization options for tone tightness and brightness.

Built to withstand the rigours of the road, the JOYO Rigel features a durable metal alloy case that ensures long-lasting performance in any environment. The innovative JOYO R series ambient LED light adds a stylish and glamorous touch to your pedalboard setup, making a bold statement on stage or in the studio.

Whether you're crafting bone-crushing rhythms or soaring leads, the JOYO Rigel Overdrive Preamp Pedal offers the perfect blend of power, versatility, and style for metal guitarists. Elevate your tone and unleash your creativity with JOYO reliability and innovation.

R-24 High Gain Overdrive Effect Pedal

3-Band EQ Knob Control


  • 3-band EQ, high gain, overdrive control Knob.
  • High-precision tone control knobs simulate clean and futuristic amp tone


R-24 High Gain Overdrive Effect Pedal

Versatility of Toggle Switch


  • The MOD switch offers 3 special head tones, the Bright switch adds a warmth tone, FEEL switch adjusts tone tightness.
  • Versatility makes it a source of inspiration.


R-24 High Gain Overdrive Effect Pedal

Power Supply Tip


  • Power supply: DC 9V is NOT included in the package.
  • Please select JOYO's original power supply or other reliable brands to reduce noise and damage.


R-24 High Gain Overdrive Effect Pedal

Innovative Ambient Light


  • Unique and innovative ambient light adds a stylish and popular element to the guitarist's performance.



Working VoltageDC 9V (center negative)
Current Consumption90mA
Input Impedance1MΩ
Output Impedance100Ω
Connector Type1/4-Inch Straight
Hardware Interface1/4-inch Audio

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