JOYO JE-307 5-Band EQ Equalizer Acoustic Guitar Preamp Phase Piezo Pickup Tuner

JE-307 - JOYO JE-307 5-Band EQ Equalizer Acoustic Guitar Preamp Phase Piezo Pickup Tuner - EQ & Preamps by
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JOYO JE-307 5-Band EQ Equalizer Acoustic Guitar Preamp Phase Piezo Pickup Tuner

The JOYO JE-307 is a 5-Band EQ Equalizer for Acoustic Guitars. A full Preamp kit with Phase mode, Piezo Pickup, built in Tuner and 6.35mm jack input connector.

Everything you need to enhance your sound is found with this preamp, you can shape tone and avoid feedback with phase control & 5 bands of equalisation.

When the phase button is activated the guitar tone will produce more warmer sounds, e.g. more bass tones will come through, when switched off, the phase can cut bass response often helping avoid feedback in gig situations. The phase control is perfect for gigging & recording live. The EQ has all the features you need to sculpt your tone, with low, Mid L, Mid H, treble and presence controls, you will find it easy to dial in and adjust the tone achieved from your guitar.

Press the tuner button and the guitar is muted and chromatic tuning is engaged, key clearly displayed on the LED screen. Tuning is easy, when in tune the indicator goes green. The Eq has a very wide frequency range from 500 HZ to 10 kHz, perfect for classical or acoustic guitars.


Low range: ± 12dB to 80Hz
Mid-L range: ± 12dB to 500Hz
Mid-H range: ± 12dB at 1 KHz-2 KHz
Acute range: ± 12dB at 3 KHz
Near range: ± 12dB at 10 KHz

Size: 10.6 * 6.9 * 6.9cm / 4.2 * 2.7 * inches
Weight: 117g / 4.1 oz
LED for effect on / off and battery.
The EQ Preamp is powered by 9V alkaline battery (not included).

1 * 5 EQ Band
5 * Screws
1 * Installation kit


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