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Delay & Reverb

Delay & Reverb

With different types of delay available, JOYO has a wide range of pedals that can offer delay in forms used from vintage slap back to out of this world and into the future. In Analogue and also Digital form. 

  • Digital Delay - For crisp note delays, retaining the shape and tone
  • Analog Delay - For smooth rounded delays, gradually losing shape.
  • Tape Echo - Sounding like a tape echo, crisp modulating repeats.
  • Tube Echo - Sounding like a true tube and tape echo, gradually losing shape.
  • Reverse Echo - It makes everything backwards and shoegazy.
  • Low Bit - glitchy 8 bit, for some nice lo fi glitch repeats
  • Galaxy - far out spacey, a little bit of glitchy reverse, out of this world..
  • Mod - adds chorus modulation to the repeats.

Often found with a delay The Tap Tempo function enables you to adjust the delay’s speed and tempo inbetween the repeats.


The JOYO D-Seed II is our most feature rich delay guitar effect pedal and combines 8 delay effect types, stereo, ping pong, tap tempo, memory and a looper into one mighty stompbox.In total there are 8 different delay types to select from including:Space - Adds in a little Reverb to the delay e..
The JOYO Vocal Lab is JOYOs first vocal processor and has many features that will appeal to live performers and to all in the home studio. Whether you want to apply subtle harmonies to keep your singing in key and add a little reverb, or maybe you are seeking to apply some live harmonised pitch shif..
The JOYO R-07 Aquarius guitar effect pedal is a multi-mode delay guitar effect pedal & looper. Use it as a delay pedal, a looper pedal, or both at the same time. The Aquarius has 8 digital delay effects built in with tap tempo to set the delay time and has 300 second recording, playback, dub, st..
The JOYO digital reverb guitar effect pedal features 9 built in reverb types, including:Spring Reverb Church Reverb Plate Reverb Eko-Verb Reverb Shimmer Reverb Comet Reverb Rewind Reverb Forest Reverb Pulse ReverbOn the JOYO Reverb pedal you will find the controls of MIX, DECAY and TO..
 JOYO D-SEED is a very flexible delay pedal, with build-in TAP Tempo function, which can be independently operated at any moment to change the delay time with ease.The DSEED Delay has dual channels (presets); each can separately save its own chosen delay time, as well as other releva..
JOYO Moist Reverb multi Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar and Electric BassIt is a more than useable reverb pedal with 3 types of reverb to dial into your effect chain. From subtle to ethereal, you can dial it in at your fingertips.Enjoy!Digital reverb effect pedal Powerful 32-bit DSP chi..
The JOYO Nascar Delay Analog BBD Guitar Effect Pedal is an analog delay pedal inspired by the classic BBD design, delivering warm and natural sound.A Bucket Brigade Device (or BBD) is an analog circuit contained within a small chip that delays an incoming audio signal. This “circuit-within-a..
The JOYO Tone Chain 1 is a multifunction guitar effect pedal that includes distortion, overdrive, delay, guitar cabinet simulation, tuner, FX LOOP and lots of options for tone modulation. Built into the unit are auxiliary functions so you can connect up an external device to play along to. ..
The JOYO Tone Chain 2 is a multifunction guitar effect pedal that includes distortion, overdrive, delay, guitar cabinet simulation, tuner, FX LOOP and lots of options for tone modulation. Built into the unit are auxiliary functions so you can connect up an external device to play along to.Each eff..
JOYO JF-08 Effect Pedal Digital Delay is made with the pt2399 IC that uses filters to make the delayed signals that have the same response as an old Bucket Brigade Delay that we know and love from Ibanez and Boss. But now you get that analog sound, improved with up to 600ms of delay time and True By..
JOYO Analog delay pedal offers the recognizable sound of the slap-back pedals. The new technology took the psychedelic rock scene by storm and transformed the possibilities of rhythm, play 1 note, hear 2, 3, 4 or more follow-up repeats. The JF-33 is about as simple as they come for Delay pedals, but..
DRJ guitar pedals by JOYO. The Shadow Echo follows your guitar playing like a shadow. Hovering between reality and magic, the Shadow Echo box emits spooky slap back delays and deep echoes with modulation control.Familiar parameters such as Time, Feedback, and Level with an additional function kno..
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