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Overdrive Effects

Overdrive Effects

JOYO Overdrive guitar effects are the mildest of the three distortion guitar effect types, producing warmer overtones at quieter volumes and can achieve a harsher distortion as gain is increased.

JOYO guitar effects "Distortion", "Overdrive" and "Fuzz" are similar in effect, but they each have subtle differences in tone, ranging from warm mild overtones to an extreme manipulation of the guitar signal.


Distortion effects produce approximately the same amount of distortion at any volume, and its sound alterations are much more pronounced and intense.Fuzz effects alter the audio signal until it is nearly a square wave and will open up a whole new experience when playing the electric guitar.

There are so many classic overdrive and distortion pedals out there, we just wanted a pedal board with them all on. We selected our favourite best selling JOYO overdrive pedals that are all based on the classics..With 8 Legendary Overdrives, we have put them together to make the Baatsin, an analo..
Introducing the JOYO ARGOS Overdrive Pedal, a versatile and innovative unit that combines classic overdrive tones with a built-in adjustable threshold noise gate circuit, all housed in a sleek cobalt blue casing. Weighing just 330 grams and measuring a compact 12cm x 7.6cm x 5.5cm, this pedal is des..
Introducing the JOYO Blues Overdrive Guitar Pedal in Bright Day, your ticket to timeless blues tones with a modern twist. Crafted by JOYO, this pedal combines vintage warmth with the punchy character of a 90s tube amp head, delivering a rich and dynamic overdrive that's perfect for blues enthusi..
Introducing the JDC Signature R-21 Overdrive Pedal by JOYO – a testament to innovation and craftsmanship in guitar tone. Created in collaboration with Grammy Award winner José de Castro, this pedal combines signature tones with versatile controls in a stunning titanium gold finish, weig..
Introducing the JOYO Rigel Overdrive Preamp Pedal, a powerhouse of tone designed for metal guitarists seeking clean, rich, and futuristic overdrive tones. Housed in a striking brown metal alloy case and weighing 380 grams, this pedal combines high-gain preamp capabilities with versatile controls to ..
Introducing the JOYO Bass Simulator Analog Pedal – a powerhouse in bass tone shaping, meticulously crafted to deliver authentic amplifier tones and unparalleled responsiveness. Sporting a sleek blue design and weighing just 410 grams, this pedal is a lightweight yet formidable addition to any ..
The new JOYO Chopper-Z is a High Gain Amp Simulation guitar effect pedal that brings you a modern metal sound. It features a 4x12 cabinet simulation, a built-in noise gate and is compatible with PA systems, recording interfaces and guitar amps.3 modes of Cabinet control.   &n..
 The JOYO Vintage Overdrive pedal introduces warm overtones when used as a clean volume boost and when cranked to 11 the guitar pedal has the searing tone and warmth of a classic overdriven tube amp.This is a great live pedal, the simple controls make it easy to use when you're up a..
A king of Tone if there ever was!It is a classic vintage overdrive circuit that adopts a 1+1 dual-channel design. Two pedals in one that can be used alone or connected in series to sculpt your tone.The pedal features a 1+1 dual-channel pedal design (with independent clipping diodes on each chan..
The JOYO Tone Chain 1 is a multifunction guitar effect pedal that includes distortion, overdrive, delay, guitar cabinet simulation, tuner, FX LOOP and lots of options for tone modulation. Built into the unit are auxiliary functions so you can connect up an external device to play along to. ..
The JOYO Tone Chain 2 is a multifunction guitar effect pedal that includes distortion, overdrive, delay, guitar cabinet simulation, tuner, FX LOOP and lots of options for tone modulation. Built into the unit are auxiliary functions so you can connect up an external device to play along to.Each eff..
The JOYO Ultimate overdrive is a pedal for everyone!Despite the skull graphic making you think this is a dark sounding pedal, it surprisingly subtle & warm at low 'drive' settings, but turn it up and it soon becomes a monster, like the vintage overdrive, it's easy ..
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