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Bass Amplifiers

Bass Amplifiers

Bass Guitar Amplifier - JOYO have a practice Bass amplifier that can be battery powered or mains powered.


The JBA 10 produces a great wall of sound, that can make windows rattle and your audience lose control.

The JOYO MA-10B is a compact and portable dual channel bass guitar amplifier perfect for practice and travel. With 10w RMS you have control over 2 channels, gain, volume and tone. The portable bass amp can be powered with a power supply supplied or 6 AA batteries. The amp works perfectly with any gu..
The JOYO B110 bass cabinet is specially designed for the JOYO BADASS Bass Head Amplifier from the JOYO BanTamP seriesThis compact Bass Cabinet features a 10-inch subwoofer and a 3-inch horn tweeter. The horn tweeter can be switched on or off independently, whether you like fingerstyle or slapping,..
Impressive 100W Bass AmplifierOutput power: 100W  Speaker: 15" 8Ohm Input impedance: ActI've/-20dBu/2.2M ,PASSIVE/-10dBu/2.2M Controls: Volume,Bass,Treble,Bright,Limiter,Graphics  Equalizers: 80Hz/160Hz/315Hz/630Hz/1.25KHz/2.5KHz  Indicator light: Limiter  Conn..
Unleash Your True Sound with JOYO's Innovative Wireless Guitar SystemThe JW-06 Wireless Guitar System by JOYO is a breakthrough in wireless technology for musicians, offering unparalleled sound quality and convenience. Designed for electric guitars and other instruments with a 6.35mm mono ja..
Introducing the JOYO Studio Monitor Headset - Your Ultimate Companion for Professional Audio MonitoringExperience unparalleled sound quality with the JOYO Studio Monitor Headset, designed to elevate your audio monitoring experience to new heights. Crafted for professionals and audiophiles alike,..
The JOYO Badass is a hybrid (valve/solid state) Head for Bass Guitar from the popular Bantamp series of JOYO amplifiers. The bass amplifier head features 2 settings 'Normal & Compressor' with Power output (RMS) of 50 watts. The Pre-Amp uses the 12AX7 tube, with a frequency Range: 10 Hz -..
 The JOYO JBA series offer a great sounding, portable solution for all kinds of bass musicians. The JBA-10 comes with a 3-band equalizer to achieve that ideal tone, a headphone input for quiet practices, and you can even play along to your own music with the auxiliary/CD input or connect your..
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