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JOYO UK - EQ & Preamp Pickup Kits

JOYO UK - EQ & Preamp Pickup Kits

JOYO UK has a range of quality acoustic / classical guitar and ukulele preamp pickup kits that will convert the acoustic signal and amplify it. The guitar preamp kits make the signal strong enough for additional processing using equalisation and effects or for sending the audio to a power amp.  Perfect for converting an old acoustic and turning it into an acoustic-electric guitar.

To work, the preamp/eq system will utilise some form of pick up, acoustic guitars use a piezo pickup, (pronounced “pee-YAY-zoh”) it sits under the bridge and will work by picking up vibration from the strings. The signal is then transferred to the Preamp. This is unlike electric guitar pickups that are magnetic and detects a vibration from the electromagnetic field. For acoustic guitar players, the part of the guitar amp with EQ is where the action happens, sometimes a tuner and gain controls will be located where the preamp will be. This allows the player to adjust the tone before it is sent off out to the amplifier.

The 6.35mm output on a guitar will be connected to the preamp internally, insert your guitar cable into the jack output and this is taken off to the amplifier or PA. Controls on the EQ, phase can make a dramatic difference to the sound your guitar will make when connected to an amp, adjusting lows, mids, highs and phase signals to eliminate feedback.

Guitar preamps can be plugged directly into mixers and audio interfaces as well, which makes them quite convenient for practice gigs & recording.

A JOYO pre-amp & pick up kit can be fitted to many instruments, ukulele, violin, bass, acoustic, classical and electric guitars.

The JOYO EQ MP3 PreAmp has to be our favourite EQ, it does everything. With MP3 features built in you can insert a micro SD TF card loaded with your tracks to play back to, or connect it to your pc/iPod/ipad with the USB connection. Use the controls to fast forward, rewind, pause and play along to. ..
The JOYO 505 EQ is a quality PreAmp 5 Band EQualiser & Tuner for Acoustic and Classical Guitars it is supplied with everything you need to replace an exisisting EQ or convert into an electro acoustic instrument.  PLEASE NOTE ALL CONTROLS ARE NOW BLACK  The Pre amp kit comes supplie..
The JOYO EQ JE-52 is a pre amp, pick-up and 3 band equaliser system with both balanced and unbalanced outputs.The pre-amp can be easily fitted into your acoustic / classical guitar to upgrade, replace or for a new build or standard acoustic conversion.The guitar eq features a chromatic tuner tu..
The JOYO EQ-504 is a 4-band EQ pre-amp with built in tuning function. Just press the tuner button to turn on. The EQ is a pre amp designed for use with Acoustic and classical guitars to amplify, control bass, middle, treble and presence tone. A phase control is also featured. In th..
EQ Range (Bass)±12dB at 75Hz   (Middle)±12dB at 750Hz   (Treble)±12dB at 10KHz A4 Frequency 440Hz Tuning Range 0A(27.5Hz)-8C(4186.01Hz) Low Battery light   Copper Pickup   Wei..
EQ Range (Bass)±12dB at 60Hz   (Middle)±12dB at 500Hz   (Treble)±12dB at 3KHz   (Presto)±12dB at 10KHz Input Resistor 10M Ω A4 Frequency 440Hz Tuning Range 0A(27.5Hz)-8C(4186.0..
The JOYO JE-306 is an Acoustic Guitar 5-Band Pre-amp EQ pick up kit with Volume, Bass, Middle, & Treble. It features a Tuner & piezo pickup. Everything you need to convert an existing acoustic guitar or to replace/upgrade an old faulty preamp.The built in tuner has a range of 0A to 8C whic..
The JOYO JE-307 is a 5-Band EQ Equaliser for Acoustic Guitars. A full Preamp kit with Phase mode, Piezo Pickup, built in Tuner and 6.35mm jack input connector. Everything you need to enhance your sound is found with this preamp, you can shape tone and avoid feedback with phase control &..
The Joyo JE-53 is a Guitar Preamp EQ & Tuner designed for folk classical and acoustic guitars. Supplied with a porcelain Piezo pickup, with Equalizer, Volume and Tone Controls.The JOYO EQ has a surface mounted flip-open battery pack cover, like most guitar pre amps, it is powered by 9v battery..
The JE 63 Ukulele preamp by JOYO is a fantastic preamp for your electro acoustic Ukulele. With it's built in LCD tuner & display with a range of  0A (27.5Hz) to 8C (4186.01Hz) you can adjust from standard tuning to anything else with ease. A 3 band eq gives you excellent contro..
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