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Amplifier & Cab Simulation Guitar Effect Pedals - JOYO UK

Amplifier & Cab Simulation Guitar Effect Pedals - JOYO UK

Not everyone can afford a room full of vintage amps, or have the luxury of stacks of rehearsal space to store them in. It would be useful to still have your pedals and a great guitar amplifier tone without the expense!

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With the full range of JOYO Amp Simulator pedals, this type of pedal transforms those beloved varied amp tones you crave straight onto your board and into your ears. You no longer need to simply dream about the expensive amp you always wanted. You do not need to mess around trying to mic the Guitar Cabinet up, JOYO Amp & Cab Simulators can be used as a DI (Direct Interface) and are perfect for recording easily at home or in the studio.

Plug your pedalboard and amp sim pedal straight into a PA system and forget the guitar amp, bring the classic amp tones with you to the gig and control them from the pedal.

Use a JOYO DI Amp simulator last in the chain, in front of your existing amp for an accurate representation & tonal drive, and push your existing amp to a whole new level.

The AD-2 is an acoustic preamp and D.I. Box, it is designed for use with electro acoustic guitars or with electro ukulele.The JOYO AD-2 has a built-in dual band EQ so you can fine-tune the low and high frequencies. It also features a treble boost to push the high end when you need it. Another very..
The JOYO CAB BOX is a guitar cabinet emulator, a guitar effect pedal that allows full configuration of vintage and modern amps. You can configure the power amp, Cab simulations, Microphone type and distance, EQ, midi control and loading & editing of 3rd party IR files.The Cab box makes everyth..
Introducing the JOYO JDI-48 DI Box Portable Recording Device – your ultimate companion for guitar and bass performance or recording. Crafted with precision and innovation, this versatile device combines the functionality of a reamp and direct box in a sleek blue casing, weighing 467 grams.Wi..
The JOYO Preamp House delivers 9 classic guitar amplifier preamps in one pedal, you can fully control both clean and dirty channels, and save your settings to presets.Turn the dial to select the amp simulation and you can switch from a vintage fender clean to a dirty Mesa-ry drive, 9 different amp..
Introducing the JOYO Rigel Overdrive Preamp Pedal, a powerhouse of tone designed for metal guitarists seeking clean, rich, and futuristic overdrive tones. Housed in a striking brown metal alloy case and weighing 380 grams, this pedal combines high-gain preamp capabilities with versatile controls to ..
Introducing the JOYO Bass Simulator Analog Pedal – a powerhouse in bass tone shaping, meticulously crafted to deliver authentic amplifier tones and unparalleled responsiveness. Sporting a sleek blue design and weighing just 410 grams, this pedal is a lightweight yet formidable addition to any ..
The new JOYO Chopper-Z is a High Gain Amp Simulation guitar effect pedal that brings you a modern metal sound. It features a 4x12 cabinet simulation, a built-in noise gate and is compatible with PA systems, recording interfaces and guitar amps.3 modes of Cabinet control.   &n..
The JOYO AC Tone guitar effect pedal is based on the AC-30 tube amplifier that, with a little help from two mop-top multi-instrumentalists, revolutionised the electric guitar sound, the JOYO AC tone pedal really rocks our age!The fab sound is easy to nail with this little tone machine. Featuring ..
The JOYO American sound guitar effect pedals are one of the UK's most popular Amp simulators from the JOYO first series of pedals. The pedal is designed to introduce the right kind of overdrive, just like an alnico 12-inch speaker pushed to the limits, adding more natural distortion to an alread..
"This distortion has a sound you would be hard pushed to match in a peddle twice the price, it gives you everything from subtle overdriven valves to a cranked up stack. The 3 band EQ allows you to tailor your sound just the way you like it. A truly great, natural t..
The British Sound from JOYO gives you masses of versatility in one pedal. You can go from early 60's Marshall tone right up to the higher gain of the JCM800 & 900 series and everything in between.With the gain knob and voice knob hovering around the 9 'o' clock point you can happ..
The JOYO Oxford Sound guitar effect pedal is a representation of the vintage amp tone from the UKs most orange looking Guitar amplifier manufacturing company.The pedal is designed to represent the magical warmth and colour of low gain vintage valve tones, made famous by classic British Rock music ..
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