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JOYO UK - Series 4 - Revolution Guitar Effect Pedals

JOYO UK - Series 4 - Revolution Guitar Effect Pedals

The R Series or Revolution series from JOYO are the 4th generations of guitar effects and all feature some very cool ambient LED lighting. We designed these pedals to sound good and to look good too.

Inspired by classic pedals tones and amplifiers you can now find a pedal that does it all. The ultimate of Amp Simulator pedals with the Pre Amp house has 9 x 2 channel Amps combined in one box, combine this with the cab box with IR loading and it is a gear heads delight, its a modern amp set up that is perfect for practice, experimenting, in the studio & of course some live performing and recording of guitar. 

Multiple effect options arrive in dedicated pedals, vintage & modern Overdrives, Analog and future stereo Delays, and multiple Reverb & Modulation combinations. With so many effects in a category, now you can tweak tones of history and model some future ones all in one pedal.

They look good, they sound great, they have great reviews online, and we have made every pedal more versatile & groovy than ever before.


There are so many classic overdrive and distortion pedals out there, we just wanted a pedal board with them all on. We selected our favourite best selling JOYO overdrive pedals that are all based on the classics..With 8 Legendary Overdrives, we have put them together to make the Baatsin, an analo..
The JOYO CAB BOX is a guitar cabinet emulator, a guitar effect pedal that allows full configuration of vintage and modern amps. You can configure the power amp, Cab simulations, Microphone type and distance, EQ, midi control and loading & editing of 3rd party IR files.The Cab box makes everyth..
The JOYO D-Seed II is our most feature rich delay guitar effect pedal and combines 8 delay effect types, stereo, ping pong, tap tempo, memory and a looper into one mighty stompbox.In total there are 8 different delay types to select from including:Space - Adds in a little Reverb to the delay e..
The JOYO Infinite Guitar Sustainer is used to produce a variety of sounds not normally playable on a guitar using traditional strumming or picking techniques. These sounds are created by placing the JGE onto/above the string. The JGE drives the string using a magnet to vibrate a sustained note.Wi..
The JOYO Preamp House delivers 9 classic guitar amplifier preamps in one pedal, you can fully control both clean and dirty channels, and save your settings to presets.Turn the dial to select the amp simulation and you can switch from a vintage fender clean to a dirty Mesa-ry drive, 9 different amp..
Introducing the JDC Signature R-21 Overdrive Pedal by JOYO – a testament to innovation and craftsmanship in guitar tone. Created in collaboration with Grammy Award winner José de Castro, this pedal combines signature tones with versatile controls in a stunning titanium gold finish, weig..
Introducing the JOYO Narcissus Multiple Chorus Pedal – an unparalleled tool for sculpting rich and immersive chorus effects. Embodying elegance in a stone blue hue and weighing just 240 grams, this pedal offers a versatile palette of chorus tones to inspire your musical creativity.From surre..
Introducing the JOYO Legal Done Noise Gate Pedal, the ultimate solution for eliminating unwanted noise from your guitar signal chain. Designed with precision and reliability in mind, this grey pedal weighs a mere 240 grams and boasts a sturdy metal alloy case for long-lasting durability.The R-23 L..
Introducing the JOYO Rigel Overdrive Preamp Pedal, a powerhouse of tone designed for metal guitarists seeking clean, rich, and futuristic overdrive tones. Housed in a striking brown metal alloy case and weighing 380 grams, this pedal combines high-gain preamp capabilities with versatile controls to ..
Introducing the HOT WITCH R-25 by JOYO, a versatile multiple-fuzz pedal designed to ignite your electric guitar solos with unparalleled tone. Crafted with precision and housed in lightweight aluminium, this pedal weighs just 240 grams, making it perfect for gigs, rehearsals, or studio sessions.Wit..
Introducing the JOYO Bass Simulator Analog Pedal – a powerhouse in bass tone shaping, meticulously crafted to deliver authentic amplifier tones and unparalleled responsiveness. Sporting a sleek blue design and weighing just 410 grams, this pedal is a lightweight yet formidable addition to any ..
Introducing the JOYO R-27 Gloam Bass Guitar Octave Fuzz Effect Pedal, a versatile powerhouse designed to enhance your bass performance. Boasting a sleek scarlet finish and weighing just 400 grams, this pedal combines the rich textures of octave and fuzz effects in a single unit, providing deep bass ..
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