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Portable & Practise Amplifiers

Portable & Practise Amplifiers

Practise Guitar Amplifiers are perfect for practising your electric guitar or bass at home.


Connect up your headphones to practise in silence, or use a practice amp with a built-in speaker. Jam along with a pedal/amp featuring Bluetooth, built-in speaker and headphones. The ultimate JamBuddy.


JOYO practise amplifiers are designed to enable you to play at full volume with all the effects you want, without taking up all the space of a full-size amp and are more convenient to play.


Connect up to your phone or tablet using the I Plug, a portable unit that allows you to connect up to virtual guitar effect apps, amplifiers & recording !.


Great for travel and practice.

Introducing the JOYO Mini Guitar Amplifier – your ultimate companion for portable and versatile guitar practice sessions. Crafted by JOYO, this compact amp delivers high-volume sound in a small package, allowing you to practice anytime and anywhere with ease.Featuring a sleek black design, t..
Please note that this item is only available for distribution in the UK from, we cannot ship this product outside of UK.The JOYO DC-15s is an upgraded version of our best selling solid state home practice guitar amplifier the DC-15.  The upgraded model brings the compact combo..
The JOYO Iplug is a must have practice amplifier accessory for every guitarist, you can hook up your guitar to play directly through headphones using it as a portable headphone practice amplifier; or for recording and using effect software on your mobile device (iOS, Android, or Windows)! Th..
The JOYO JA-01 portable guitar amplifier is perfect for practice at home or away. Unlike other headphone amps this has a speaker built in and you wont need any additional cables.It comes with 9V battery and some headphones, so you are ready to rock... It offers two different sounds Clean / Distort..
Introducing the JOYO JA-03B Bass Guitar Headphone Amp Practice Amplifier – your portable solution for on-the-go practice sessions. Designed by JOYO, this compact amplifier is perfect for bass guitarists and double bass players who want to practice silently and conveniently.With its plug-and-..
The JamBuddy is a fully portable floor based dual channel guitar amplifier that can be switched with your feet, perfect for practise at home or for jamming on the move, lessons or sessions with friends. Bluetooth A great feature on the JOYO Jam Buddy is the Bluetooth, j..
The JOYO MA-10B is a compact and portable dual channel bass guitar amplifier perfect for practice and travel. With 10w RMS you have control over 2 channels, gain, volume and tone. The portable bass amp can be powered with a power supply supplied or 6 AA batteries. The amp works perfectly with any gu..
The JOYO MA-10E is compact and portable dual channel guitar amplifier perfect for practice, busking and travel. With 10w RMS you have control over 2 channel, gain, volume and tone and can be powered with a power supply supplied or 6 AA batteries. The amp works perfectly with any guitar efffects in t..
This neat looking mini JOYO guitar amplifier comes with 9V battery and headphones, offers two different sounds from clean to distortion and is portable with enough output to practice or bring outside and enjoy. This is really the most feature-packed and tone-VOLUME-enable little amp on the market...
JOYO JA-05G Portable Guitar Plug Amplifier Built-in 4 Effects Bluetooth Plug and Play Mini Amp JOYO JA-05G Portable Guitar Plug Amplifier Built-in 4 Effects Bluetooth Plug and Play Mini Amp
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Introducing the JOYO JA-05G: Your Portable Electric Guitar Amp ExperienceUnleash your musical creativity with the JOYO JA-05G, a plug-and-play electric guitar amp designed for convenience and versatility. Perfect for electric guitars with a 6.35mm Jack, this amp boasts 4 built-in effects—C..
Unleash Your True Sound with JOYO's Innovative Wireless Guitar SystemThe JW-06 Wireless Guitar System by JOYO is a breakthrough in wireless technology for musicians, offering unparalleled sound quality and convenience. Designed for electric guitars and other instruments with a 6.35mm mono ja..
Introducing the JOYO Studio Monitor Headset - Your Ultimate Companion for Professional Audio MonitoringExperience unparalleled sound quality with the JOYO Studio Monitor Headset, designed to elevate your audio monitoring experience to new heights. Crafted for professionals and audiophiles alike,..
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