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andy butler on 30/11/-0001
The 'British' is an amp simulator, meant to enable you to produce the sound of a... Read More..
Mark Allum on 30/11/-0001
After years of buying recommended True Bypass pedals I read about signal bufferi... Read More..
Mr J.K.underwood on 30/11/-0001
A good solid delay pedal with a wide range of delay. Read More..
David Hunter on 30/11/-0001
Bought one of these as I wanted to have tremolo in only one or two songs. Great ... Read More..
Stephen on 05/06/2020
Had this a few month's now great pedal good sound and sounds better than some moor expensive pedals i have got. Read More..
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Pedalboards & cases

Pedalboards & cases

The new JOYO Guitto pedalboards are unique with a block and lock system where you place out your guitar effects on the board and then "lock" them in place.  Made of aluminium alloy, it is super strong and light and easy to set up. There is no need for rolls and rolls of sticky Velcro for sticking to your pedals.

This system keeps your guitar effect pedals both clean and secure in place. Changing your guitar effect pedal chain is easy. Just unlock move your guitar pedals and lock back in!

All sized and shapes of guitar effects will fit snug with the block and locking system, but of course you can always use a little Velcro if needed (not supplied) if you run into an odd shaped effect or dimension.

The pedal board feet can be locked in place and can also be collapsed and hidden under the chassis. The pedalboard is designed to be space saving and portable coming with a supplied padded pedalboard bag.

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The new Guitto GGS-03 robot inspired shape guitar stand is a folding guitar stand that is suitable f..
£19.74 Exc VAT: £16.45
Guitto PedalBoard - Block and Lock Kit New
If you have a Guitto PedalBoard GPB-01, GPB-02 or GPB-03 that uses the unique Block and Lock system ..
£7.79 Exc VAT: £6.49
The new JOYO Guitto GPB-02 pedalboard is unique with a block and lock system where you place out you..
£60.95 Exc VAT: £50.79
The new JOYO Guitto GPB-02 pedalboard is unique with a block and lock system where you place out you..
£72.95 Exc VAT: £60.79
JOYO GPB-03 Block and Lock Guitar Pedalboard and Bag - Guitto In Soon ! - Notify me
The new JOYO Guitto GPB-03 pedalboard is unique with a block and lock system where you place out you..
£84.95 Exc VAT: £70.79
JOYO RD-B RockDriver Series Effect Pedal Board In Soon ! - Notify me
JOYO RockDriver series pedal board has a lightweight hollow design, to enable convenient arrangeme..
£69.95 Exc VAT: £58.29
JOYO RD-3 RockDriver Series Coupe Driver Pedal Board Flight Trolley Case In Soon ! - Notify me
JOYO RockDriver series coupe driver RD3  pedal board. Building on first and second generation c..
£119.95 Exc VAT: £99.96
JOYO Guitar Effects Mini Pedal Board & Bag In Soon ! - Notify me
You'll love this if you're a user of JOYO mini pedals (or any other brand!) and you want to creat..
£47.95 Exc VAT: £39.96
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What order do I put my guitar effect pedals in?
 What order do I put my guitar effect pedals in? It’s a good question, the order you would put your pedals in for your guitar are traditionally grouped together and put into the following order :>> Dynamics – including Compressors, Volume, Wah & Pitch>> Drive – Including Overdrive, Distortion & Fuzz>> Modulation – includes Tremolo, chorus, flanger, phaser etc.>> Delay – Delay and reverb, the spatial effects. It’s important to remember pedals do not really go wrong, or will they stop working if you put them in th..
Replacing the tube in your JOYO Bantamp
The JOYO Bantamp range use a single 12ax7 tube in the preamp, it is likely at some point you might need to change the tube in your amp.Unfortunately a tube is not covered in any guitar amp warranty, it is regarded as a consumable as they do not have a definite life span and can burn out, but generally preamp tubes or valves they will last a long time. Preamp tubes do not need to work as hard as a power amp tube, but they can fail at any time.So how do you know if you need to change your preamp tube your JOYO Bantamp ?Some of the most common signs that tubes need replacement are a c..
Having it Large! Introducing New JOYO Bantamp XL 2 II
It’s been 2 years since JOYO launched the BanTamP series of guitar amplifiers and we always knew that these amps would be popular at home, in practice and even in performance. They might be small but they are extra mighty in sound. Many of our users have taken them along for performance, connected them up with 2 x 12 & 4 x 12 cabinets and have been praising them ever since. The demand for the little tube guitar head amplifiers from JOYO has often exceeded supply!. We listened to our users playing on the amps and also their feedback (no pun intended) and we are now..
JOYO R Series Direct Interface pedals XLR balanced and unbalanced outputs
 Whilst in isolation Dave is having a conversation with himself about the use of XLR outputs on the newer JOYO Revolution series and for recording guitar in the home studio.  Hey Dave, I noticed on some of the latest JOYO gear like the Cab box, the DRj Sparrow bass DI and the new JOYO Preamp House that they all have XLR outputs, why is that? Its not a cable you usually see on a pedal board or associated with guitars is it?.no not historically, but JOYO are catering more and more for guitarists in the studio and for those who are recording at home, If you look at the succ..
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