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About JOYO Audio UK


JOYO Audio UK launched in May 2014 and is the result of a long-standing friendship & collaboration between JOYO Technology and JOYO Audio UK. 

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We are a family business based in the capital of music, Manchester England!  You can read about some people here 



Our head office is now located in a Barn on a Farm.

Over the last 10 years we have gone from a shelf, a bedroom, a small warehouse, a Mega Warehouse, a shop and a showroom, to covid and into a barn. But a nice studio/barn, but unfortunately no longer accessible to outsiders.

[Nobody had that in the business plan].



JOYO UK is a hi-tech company focused on the production of digital music-oriented technology. From a position of direct leadership in the field of innovating new 'things', Dave Grant from JOYO UK offers a user-friendly, affordable range of musical accessories and technology for guitarists, musical enthusiasts and hobbyists. JOYO Audio UK wants to share our passion for music and create new products for you. We are always introducing new products to the lines we offer under the JOYO brand working closely with the manufacturers of what is now a globally distributed brand.

JOYO Technology is the manufacturer and is located in China. JOYO Audio UK Ltd is an independent UK owned business, where day to day operations & distribution take place by David & Elizabeth.

The JOYO company is a musically driven environment, powered by musical enthusiasts & musicians. The JOYO business is 10 years old, energised and in touch with what matters to our product users – We offer great products at affordable prices that get the job done.

Many of the employees involved in production and management are active musicians and join us for this reason. Our love for music across all genres and instruments drives our pursuit to design, develop and deliver an exciting and innovative range of products to the UK market.

We are always excited to hear & see the many different reviews of our products, so many JOYO product videos that we are humbled to see, no matter what stage you are at in your journey, we aim to go all the way.


In the UK we could not be more passionate about music, we consider music in its many genres & cultures an art form that is universally understood.  Music is good for the mind and soul and aids the creative development of the next generation. 

Music is important to every one of us, a universal passion that is universally shared.


Never Give Up Dreams

David Grant



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