We are excited to be introducing a new range of accessories from JOYO. The Guitto range provides you with quality affordable accessories for guitarists & musicians. Every piece has been designed by the team at JOYO from listening to feedback from customers and our own experiences. 


"Guitar Over the last 10 years at work, at shows, in the showroom we have used a lot of accessories as we work and play. There are some amazing stands for instruments out there. some are perhaps a little too expensive though. There are also a lot of cheaply riveted pieces that are just so sub standard to use or trust with your instrument. 


I have developed a dislike for the kind of music accessory you use only once as it always seems to attack you. The number of times I have nearly lost a finger on a music stand or got tangled up in, or the guitar stand that is very wobbly, I just dont trust them.. Pointless Evil things. I actually do have a phobia of ‘tangled coat hangers’, so this sort of issue really does play on my mind.


There are too many accessories like this that just get in the way and clutter up a musicians space. Some of this equipment you just know has not been designed well. We needed some gear that we would be happy using, that also meets the brief of being affordable, carefully designed and intended for purpose, they need to look good, work well and basically offer very good value for money.




We are launching the range with a few new products:

-"Desktop Portable adjustable desktop music stand."Orchestral 

- Full size orchestral stand that Is not so heavy to move around.

- Floor mounted guitar stand that can be adjusted fitting electric, acoustic & bass guitars.

- Solid tripod guitar stands with a very reliable auto grab & release system.

- A hand exercising kit!


"AutoOur music stands, guitar stands and hangers are all made with quality materials, they practically designed and look good too; the gear meets the brief and we are sure they will serve you well at an amazing price.


Take a look at the products in more detail below or in our Guitar and Music Stands or below with those handy links.