JOYO® is a registered trademark of JOYO Audio UK Ltd, Manchester, England. All Rights Reserved.



Mark text:JOYO

File date:27 September 2017



Come to an agreement

If someone is using our IP as shown, without our permission we will contact them and ask them to stop.

Make a deal

We will offer to make a deal with the other party, which is usually cheaper and quicker than going to court.


Contact us

Please do ensure that you contact JOYO Audio UK Ltd for some constructive engagement regarding any IPO issue you have been made aware of. 

Should you have received notice regarding a claim of infringement from our IPO team, we ask you to cease infringing our registered trademark. Products advertised, listed for sale into the UK, or reviewed as having the word 'JOYO' contained within.

Damages will be sought, unless agreement is made.


JOYO Audio UK will take the following steps as we find appropriate.

We will ask the other party to provide a contact name/ address and formally request that they stop using our IP. We will endeavour to come to an agreement with them to resolve.

For example we can license the use of our IP, brand name, website, images, text, descriptions and content to you by agreement. 

We will use mediation or another type of dispute resolution to recover loss of business / damages.

We will take legal action if you cannot resolve the dispute by other means.

The JOYO word, was registered as a way to distinguish our products for sale in the UK/EU since 2017, the use of which is by strict agreement and prior arrangement.   

It’s our responsibility to defend our intellectual property (IP) and to take action if someone’s used it without permission (known as ‘infringement’).