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Filip on 30/11/-0001
Also, another pedal I bought for my father along British sound.There are few iss... Read More..
Craig on 02/04/2020
This is an amazing pedal, knocked everything off my board. Zendrive, light speed, BBpre etc. takes my warm sounding Cornell Romany and turns it into Fender Blackface Amp ( sort of ), Thanks also to David for helping with tracking my pedal. Read More..
Mr J K Underwood on 30/11/-0001
As good a sound, as pedals costing four times as much. I like this pedal for its full rounded sound. and affordable cost. Read More..
Eoin Jennings on 30/11/-0001
I was looking to try a tubescreamer but wasn't sure about shelling out for the I... Read More..
Fern on 30/11/-0001
It is the best pedal I have. everything works properly and its sound quality is 100%. You can not ask for more.Pedals brands have higher quality and continuous with it, since years ago Read More..
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Meet The JOYO UK Team


David Grant
Owner / Manager / Director of JOYO Audio UK Limited - Distributor of JOYO Guitar Effects. Manchester England.


David Grant - JOYO Guitar Effect PedalsMy passion for music started with playing the guitar at primary school. In my later teens I got into synths, pushing buttons on things, tweaking effects on acid house basslines & drum machines in the late 80's. I did a little bit of DJ'ing Madchester Indie faves and produced some electronic rave music, a few tracks got used on some indie films, but i lacked the confidence to get up and gig, it's not for everyone especially if you have always struggled with that sort of thing. I do admire anyone who has the balls, or not got the balls to get up there, stand against adversity and do whatever it is they do, be it music, theatre, arts and entertainment I am in awe.

I like to try and play every instrument, especially if it plugs into effects.Glenn Fricker - He does You Tube


I was born in South Manchester in 1972 (Timperley - Home of Frank Sidebottom) and come from a family where music has always been part of our lives, my biggest musical influence has to be my Grandfather 'Bromley Harvey', he played Big Band trumpet and trombone throughout the 2nd World War with the likes of Glenn Miller and the Syd Lawrence Orchestra. I found this video of him on The Syd Lawrence Band Television Show in the 60s he is playing trumpet (far left) in the orchestra. He went on to be a popular music teacher in Manchester and remained passionate about music throughout his life, influencing the whole family into picking up various instruments to varying degrees of success.


I spent a lot of my youth listening to post punk, electro synth pop, indie grungey guitars and acid house, i left my brain in the Hacienda nightclub in 1989 when music officially became my passion aged 17, at the same time I went to Manchester Uni and studied business, computers and the student union bar.Jack & Dave of JOYO


You would also find me hanging around various music shops in town, playing on synths, guitars, drums, getting asked to leave & only wishing I could afford some of the gear I tried out. I was always making a big 'expensive' list. A bit like Wayne from Waynes World when he sees his white Fender in his local music store, but there was actually little alternative on offer, I was pretty skint.

A lot of the gear I wanted was just too expensive for me, so I started to improvise and always have. Fast forward a decade or two and in 2008 I ended up in China and met with the guys from the JOYO factory. Their tech was amazing, they can literally make anything & they do make everything!. We make a good team.

I have grown very passionate about JOYO products and my long diHenning Pauly - He does You Tubestance working relationship has become well established, with strategy and development of products playing a key part. A combined team effort in making it happen.


I am proud of what we have achieved so far, putting the foundations in place of a business in a very competitive market and industry. JOYO UK acts independently from any other distributor in the UK. We remain a small family UK business.


Andy Guitar Geek - He does YouTubeWe are at the very early stages of the brand. I do believe JOYO is a serious contender to other brands available in the UK music industry, we have established great reviews and we care about what we do, we also care what others think.

There is great support for JOYO out there, great comments on line, on our facebook page and so many reviews on Youtube showing suppport.


JOYO products appeal on every level, the affordability and quality of the range mean that they are the perfect choice for everybody, from young musicians starting out, to experienced professionals at home, in the studio or at a gig.


JOYO Team 2018We want to include everybody from our engineers & talented colleagues who build the pedals in the JOYO factory, the independent retailers who we work with and support in the UK, to the aspiring & professional musicians who use & enjoy the products we bring to the UK.

Dave & Lewis JOYO UK

I am 48, partner for 30 years to (Liz-below), a dad to two beautiful girls and 2 whippets, I'm a bit of a hippy, a vegetarian, liberal, free thinking, introverted, business man-cunian, Hacienda 88-92 raver, BMX'er, geek, rescue chicken keeper, unsigned musician, business intelligence consultant, software, product & web developer. (not in that order).


thank you! 谢谢


Elizabeth Finlow


JOYO Audio UK Limited




With thanks to these people who all played a part in JOYO UK.. past and present..


Lewis Thompson
JOYO Audio UK Sales & Artist support

The knowledgeable one.



Andy Walker
He sells sea shells by the sea shore.

We shall salute you forever.

Matt Bolter

With over 250 years experience of playing live music, look out for his honest comments and reviews coming on each product page.

"Like me, I guess most guitarists love to experiment with their sound. Though most of us don't have the money to buy pedal after pedal in the search for our own holy grail. This is where JOYO comes in, quality pedals and accessories at low prices so you can experiment without breaking the bank" Matt B.



and you of course

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