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58 Spencer Street Jewellery Quarter B18 6DS Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom (Last modified: 30 Nov -0001 12:00:00)

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An essential visit to the store in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, five minutes walk from the city centre. As well as the usual Gibsons and Fenders we have a soft spot for quality guitars made in Japan in the seventies and eighties. We particularly like the “not for export” models that upset the USA makers so much. We import these rare and desirable guitars directly from Japan so you can see for yourself what all the fuss was about 30 years ago. We welcome part-exchange and are always interested in acquiring quality used gear. And finally, we believe in service. We’re happy to spend time with you and share our know-how, so you finally get the tone, feel and performance that you’ve been searching for. Set-ups, Repairs and Customisations ​Guitar set ups and repairs are done on the premises in our workshop, we do everything from a straight string change and set up to a re-fret, or custom wiring mods and pickup re-winds. We can also make custom wound pickups to your preference. Hand Wound Pickups We launched our range of hand-wound pickups at the end of February 2011. Each is created one at a time, with care, at our workshop in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. We have demo guitars fitted with each model of pickup so you can test and choose the ones for you. We have 50's, early 60's, overwound early 60's and late 60's S-Type pickups. Early 50's and 60's T-Type neck and bridge pickups and 50's Humbuckers;and also P90's - both traditional and slightly overwound.

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