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Friends of the JOYO

Hello Friend of JOYO !Friend of JOYO

We have launched a brand new JOYO artist page on the JOYO audio UK website featuring real users of the JOYO Guitar gear. Hopefully that's you !

The page went live on Friday 7th June, take a look at The FOJ Here

This is us giving a little bit of a showcase to you ! It doesnt matter who you are, where you are from, or where you are at, we are united by pedals & music and we are not hear to judge, but support you.. So please leave some information here and we will look to add you to our FOJ directory. Hopefully in time we will be able to launch a page with lots of different people on it who all use the JOYO. We are going to give away £50 quid of JOYO vouchers to a random FOJ member.

We will pull out random names from our virtual hat on.

  • 1st July 2019
  • 1st September 2019
  • 1st November 2019

The first draft of the directory of FOJ members wiil be published on 1st June.

So if you have a few minutes and will answer these initial questions to our little interview questions, you could be one of the first to appear on the new FOJ directory.

We will not be sharing any phone/email numbers. You never know who reads these things, who knows where it could go. !


Please Answer These Questions

* Hello! Please tell us who you are? What is your name..:

* Please tell us something about yourself:

* Where can we listen to your music or get more info if we wanted to.:

* Are you in a band?:

* Please tell us what JOYO gear do you use?:

* Email:

* Telephone:

Send us a picture of you, or your gear. We will put it on the page next to the info. There is a 1MB limit..:

Enter the code in the box below:



We do not share you information with anyone - not even the NCA



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We are pleased to introduce to you our first featured Friend Of JOYO -  Kieran Clark. We launched our Friend of JOYO directory at the beginning of June, its a way of us sharing what you get upto using the JOYO. Well we said we would give away £50 to a random winner and Kieran is our first winner picked out of our first entries..  During the first week of July we had 2 students with us on work experience from Walkden High School, they were given the thumbs up to pick a winner from over 70 FOJ entries. So Lee and Sophie (both age 14) picked out a handful of en..