Featured Friend of JOYO #1 - Kieran Clark

Featured Friend of  JOYO #1 - Kieran Clark

We are pleased to introduce to you our first featured Friend Of JOYO -  Kieran Clark.


We launched our Friend of JOYO directory at the beginning of June, its a way of us sharing what you get upto using the JOYO. Well we said we would give away £50 to a random winner and Kieran is our first winner picked out of our first entries..  During the first week of July we had 2 students with us on work experience from Walkden High School, they were given the thumbs up to pick a winner from over 70 FOJ entries.


So Lee and Sophie (both age 14) picked out a handful of entries and thought Kieran had the JOYO factor.. Kieran is 24, a musician, events director and Sound Engineer. 


He is in 3 bands: Milo Gore, L I P S, and also Luke Moss. He tells us he is the guitarist in all three and his sound is based around reverb and delays, making  a lot of noise when he can!!


Kieran is currently using the Please tell us what JOYO gear do you use?: Voodoo Octave Fuzz Pedal, a JF-08 Digital Delay and the Analog Chorus.

If you would like to listen then check their music out on Spotify:

Milo Gore:


Are you in a band?: Yes:

Milo Gore
Luke Moss

Please tell us what JOYO gear do you use?: Voodoo Octave
Jf08 Digital Delay
Analogue Chorus


Congratulation Kieran £50 voucher on its way to you !


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