Wave Goodbye 2020 ! - Say Hello to a JOYO 2021 !

Wave Goodbye 2020 ! - Say Hello to a JOYO 2021 !

Let’s face it 2020 has been a right nightmare for anyone involved in the UK music industry. It has been a tough year for everyone, the Covid struggle has been very damaging for the entire world, it has officially sucked big time.


The live audiences, music venues & our high street music retailers were all forced to stop dead in their tracks, with no sign of opening, the factory ran out of (some) components which was a bit of a mare, the post was delayed, but thankfully the music making hasn’t stopped. Nothing will stop music from happening we are all working hard to make it happen.


Despite all the difficulties, 2020 has been good for JOYO in the UK. I have seen an increase in our brand awareness and in messages from artists/musicians asking if we will endorse them, do we have a UK artist relations department (..erm..let me just put that hat on). I feel very honoured to be on the receiving end of emails like that too, it is very humbling.


JOYO is still new in this industry and I have never really known what endorsement means, well I know what it means, but in what capacity can I do anything. Lets face it our gear is pretty inexpensive by comparison to other brands, we do not spend much on marketing, I have always said that reputation is built on trust and quality, not bullshit & money. It still sticks in my head when I started, someone said to me you will never get anyone endorsing your gear.. Oh thanks for such kind words & encouragement.


I am a huge supporter of anyone who wants to create music, nothing gives me more pleasure to see, or hear of our gear being used; to see someone experience a pedal for the first time, to get a message from someone in ‘insert famous band name here’, or a message on social media from someone who is clearly hooked on effects, or someone who has a desire to grow their you tube audience because they offer some clarity to all the bullshit marketing and hidden sponsorship deals that happen. I get it.


It’s what made me start the business in the first place, a love of all music, how we are all united in it, irrespective of anything that may divide us. 10 years later it is not a passion that has gone away the people who work in this industry remain very passionate about it. I still want JOYO to make better gear, we can improve, we try, we listen & we are getting better at what we do, have you noticed?


Like water will in time shape a rock, in time we will make a difference.  


Most of the contact I get regarding endorsements is pretty humble, kind, genuine enquiries asking to check out their music, thanking us for making affordable gear and of course I will do what I can to help them.


In 2020 I know it has been hard when all of your gigs have just been cancelled and postponed until ‘whenever’, to feel as though you are invisible online. Some of the hardest working people I know in this industry have had it all taken away, we all need to stick together.


So I thought, I would do my own very little bit to try and help promote and endorse some of the music, musicians, artists, people that come to my attention.


In 2021 I’m going to feature a UK band, an artist, a you tube channel, a complete beginner, someone, I don’t know, but every month, I will give them a few bits of gear and I will give them a little virtual JOYO stage to perform on.


In 2020 it is the music that united us, so may it continue in 2021 !


Check out our first JOYO UK Introducing here, I am delighted to introduce to you this great unsigned band from Manchester, may they be the first of many.


Please get in touch if you want me to take a listen to you.


Don’t ever give up!


All the best for the season.


Dave Grant




Dave Grant - JOYO Audio UK Posted by Dave Grant - JOYO Audio UK

Dave Grant is the owner of JOYO Audio UK, A family owned distributor and retailer of JOYO guitar effects, amplifiers and accessories. est 2014 Manchester England.



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