JOYO UK Retail Trade Brexit Covid Update

JOYO UK Retail Trade Brexit Covid Update

I am sorry to have to announce that, due to all the impact of Brexit & Covid I have had to temporarily pause the distribution of JOYO products to our UK retailers.


From today JOYO Products will remain active for sale online only via the JOYO UK website and direct via JOYO on Amazon where many JOYO products are already available for free next day prime delivery.


We do hope to return to offer music retailers the opportunity to stock products again in the near future.


It is a really hard decision for me to make, as I have always believed that the products we bring to the UK are worthy to be in music shops in the UK and beyond. Since 2014 I have been able to offer nearly all JOYO products to retailers in the UK music industry.  Our products have all been received well, by those who I believe in the UK know best.


I have had the great pleasure to deal with many music retailers up and down the UK, whilst trade side of the business has always offered the lowest return, the flipside was that I got the greatest pleasure from this side of the business.


Regretfully the impact of the last 18 months on the UK business, Covid and Brexit, has resulted in losing a big chunk of export trade to Europe, combined with a retail lockdown, increased shipping costs and difficulty obtaining stock.  It has had a hard impact of cash flow on the trade business. The trade we had in Europe had until now helped fund the lower trade costs in the UK.


It has been a very hard decision for me to make, feeling like a failure just doing my best. It is an issue shared with many business owners in the country at the moment.  Change & carry on. Not caused through any fault of our own, but an ongoing attempt to never give up trying to do what you love.


Hopefully UK music retailers will understand, nothing is permanent, I/JOYO UK have not gone away.


Stay groovy & cool, it’s not goodbye, hopefully I will see you later.


Dave Grant



Dave Grant - JOYO Audio UK Posted by Dave Grant - JOYO Audio UK

Dave Grant is the owner of JOYO Audio UK, A family owned distributor and retailer of JOYO guitar effects, amplifiers and accessories. est 2014 Manchester England.



6 Comments To "JOYO UK Retail Trade Brexit Covid Update"

Mark Burgess On 27 Sep 2021
So sorry to hear this Dave I know how much you enjoy the business which you have built from nothing ! Today I also received news that the Covid effect has closed the great great bar in Zhuhai the London Lounge I used to go and play at whilst selling all the Joyo gear to the Chinese in the city. I put a complete Joyo backline of amps in their for the touring bands very sad day for me . I can only start to imagine how you feel. Brexit has shafted so many people in different ways even buying from discounters like Thomann now has hidden costs and us musicians have not worked fully for a year and a half . Scares Micro chip availability effecting everything from instruments to cars are now controlling the market . I digress so Sorry Dave I can only hope you will rise again to make Joyo the great brand it is the undisputed king of the budget effects world when all this Tom foolery subsides and we have sensible governance and a healthy set of musicians . Reply to this comment
Dave G On 27 Sep 2021
Hi Mark, thanks for the support, really appreciate it ! Have you ever seen the Red Bull soap box contest? Where the various manufactured buggies come down a hill, loads of bumps on the journey, twists and turns, gradually bits fall off as we go over the bumps, some do not make it, but we will keep on rolling for a bit longer in the right direction.. [edit] (oh - hang that direction is down hill? I havent thought this through, but I meant like a goal or something). haha. Dave
Brett On 23 Sep 2021
Tragic news Dave. Although I've only been more aware of Joyo in recent months, I have friends in independent businesses suffering in similar ways and having to make difficult choices. The decisions leading up to and beyond 2016 and the crippling effects of a global pandemic have no comparison. We will get through this - keep the faith! Brett. Reply to this comment
Scott On 22 Sep 2021
Sad day, all the best for the future Reply to this comment
will goodall On 22 Sep 2021
Really sorry to hear this Dave. So many businesses like your own are in difficulties through, I believe, self inflicted stupidity by those elected to take care of our interests. I am a fairly recent convert to Joyo products. I am fortunate enough to be able to afford the 'mainstream', more expensive products but I have been finding myself increasingly happy to use Joyo products, many of which I find to be excellent regardless of the price. I don't consider Joyo as 'cloners' any more than any other manufacturer and many of Joyo's pedals are just great in their own right. I really look forward to your return. Reply to this comment
Dave On 22 Sep 2021
Thanks Will. I tried hard not to rant in this message, I would never want to make a political stance, but the current struggle is real for many distributors & retailers in lots of industries in the UK. We will be embracing the changes we have to put in place, powering back up & playing on ! Never give up doing what you love. ATB Dave.

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