JOYO UK 2021 Introducing New Music - Resistance 77

JOYO UK 2021 Introducing New Music - Resistance 77

Oi Oi Oi ! Resistance 77. Our 2nd featured JOYO UK band we are introducing for 2021 are from Notts UK, this original band of street punks have the perfect mix of frustration, anger and energy that here at JOYO UK we love.


The influence of punk music and its subculture has spread worldwide, especially in England. It has taken root in a wide range of local scenes that often reject the affiliation with the mainstream pop cultures. Musicians who identify with or inspired by punk gave rise to spinoffs such as post-punk,  new wave, and later indie pop, alternative rock, and noise rock. These guys are true original punks !


Punk is often misunderstood because some of some very mixed political motives, but to us punk represents a genre of music that is filled with wall to wall guitars, also  a philosophical attitude in how you approach things.


Punk rock represents a celebration of freedom to do what you want and to not be afraid of being different. Here at JOYO UK we endorse that !


Resistance 77 have been around a good few years since 1979 and have played countless gigs at venues in the UK, Europe and have been a great musical export to the USA Punk scene !


They know how to make their records sound huge with great production and combine original song writing that sees the punk guitar wall of sound retain a tuneful melody and grit. The band is made up of Oddy, Stuart, Chris, Phil & Kieron


Unfortunately Covid has prevented them playing live in 2020, but a little pandemic will not stop them, they will be back for more and will be appearing at a Punk festival in California.


You can follow them on social media, watch them on you tube and listen on spotify.


There are so many stand out tracks that remind us of the original punk style often heard in the Clash, Stiff little fingers, Romones, Sham 69 to name a few.

So thank you Resistance 77, we have just sent them a few JOYO goodies for their outstanding contribution to guitars and UK PUNK !


Watch them here performing True Punk & Oi ! a great Video filmed at Rebellion Punk festival at Winter Gardens in Blackpool. It's got over 2 million views already !

and enjoy this one - Punks not dead but im not far off.  !


Please support and follow the band, give them a listen, a like, a follow. !

Official Website -

You Tube -

Facebook -

Spotify - Visit Spotify

In our introducing new music for 2021 we hope to find you just a few of the great bands out there from all different genres who feel the JOYO.

A big thank you to everyone who is getting in touch wth links to their music, keep them coming.

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Daniel On 04 Mar 2021
I like the series 1 .I have 21 joyo pedals love them. Great for the price. Reply to this comment

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