JOYO UK 2021 Introducing New Music - Delights Band

JOYO UK 2021 Introducing New Music - Delights Band

In 2021, every month JOYO UK are going to be featuring an unsigned UK band, an artist, a you tube channel, someone who we believe in, we are going to give them a little bit of JOYO gear and showcase them right here. It is where we endorse you !

I am very happy to introduce to you the very first JOYO UK new music artist of 2021...




Based in Manchester, the 4 piece unsigned guitar band Delights formed in 2017 and feature Adam Maxwell (Vocals), Ben Kirkland (Bass Guitar) and Ben Squires (Lead Guitar) & Leo Willis (Drums).


Inspired by an ever growing catalogue of music ranging from Parliament and Fleetwood Mac to Khruangbin, the band merges their own musical tastes into a blend of bedroom pop with hints of classic rock, dubbed as “kaleidoscopic guitar janglers”. Making them a perfect fit for JOYO introducing.


Ben (Lead Guitar) tells me he has been using the JOYO Compressor for a number of years and has even built a few pedals himself as an engineering student.


2018 saw them release a number of singles including Jungle, Naked Heart and Sun Visor, and the band began to attract a following to their shows around the country as they embarked on several UK tours.


Delights continued to release tracks Paradise, Sometimes Lately and most recently Loverboy in May 2020, with a popular following on spotify and with supporting videos on Youtube, we have to say it has been a huge delight listening to their music and we think that they are a going to be around for a while.

2020 saw their hometown headline gig at Manchesters Gorilla venue cancelled and postponed to sometime in 2021 along with a string of other tour dates around the UK.


Our favourite tracks are


Sometimes Lately
One Step Forwards


Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Delights (Jackson 5 cover) especially because it features Ben using his brand new JOYO Revolution Tauren pedal & his 3 year old JOYO Jf-10 Compressor pedal.


Please do check them out, watch a video, give them a like, follow them around and someone should sign them up right now if the world has any sense left at all..


Its been a Delight and a JOYO and we cant wait to see them live in 2021 ! (fingers crossed).

Contact them by email -



Delights - Sometimes, Lately (Official Video)

Delights - Jungle (Official Video)

Night Fever - Delights (Bee Gees cover)

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Delights (Jackson 5 cover)

Dave Grant - JOYO Audio UK Posted by Dave Grant - JOYO Audio UK

Dave Grant is the owner of JOYO Audio UK
A family owned distributor and retailer of guitar effects, amplifiers and accessories.
est 2014 Manchester England.

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