JOYO Footheramin New Guitar Effect Pedal

JOYO Footheramin New Guitar Effect Pedal

The new JOYO Footheramin is a frequency oscillating guitar effect pedal that can be operated easily by guitarists feet.

With two metal antenna that sense the relative position of the foot, the front aerial loop controls oscillators and frequency adjustment, and volume with the other. Switches control the type of the oscillation, adjusting band pass filters, pitch and gate linear sensitivity.

Move your feet towards or away from the side aerial adjusts volume, whilst controlling RF oscillation, wave, gain and melon output with the other. Combine both to achieve the tone of the future.


The pedal converts your foot waving movements into a wet ethereal modulating ensemble. The post latch flange processing and hinge back loops, result in an out of this world melon twisting octave bending tone. Check out the short demo, this is brand new guitar pedal like no other !



The R Series, or Revolution series from JOYO are the 4th generation of guitar effects and all feature some very cool ambient LED lighting. The lights can be toggled from a switch on the rear of the pedal..3 modes of lighting are available to adjust when they come on.

  • 'Sync' to the footswitch - The LED ambient lighting on the front and rear of the pedal with shine bright when the footswitch is pressed, also illuminating the LED effect indicator on the top of the pedal.
  • 'Always' - The lights are always on, but the pedal is only activated when you press the footswitch and the LED effect indicator comes on.
  • 'Off' - Okay, so Tron may not be your favourite and you want to stick to something a little less futuristic. The lights are off, the LED effect indicator comes on when you stomp on it and activate the pedal..

LED Effect indicator - On when the footswitch & pedal are active
DC input on the rear.

Dimensions : 125mm x 78.5mm x 48mm
Weight : 388g
Input Impedance :1M
Output Impedance : 100
Rated current : 30mA
Voltage : 9v Centre Negative power supply (rear mount)
Input / Output : Rear Mounted


Update - 2nd April
Okay before you think about buying this pedal, it was posted on April Fools Day 2019.
We were officially rumbled by the guys at Music Radar.

April Fool


Dave Grant - JOYO Audio UK Posted by Dave Grant - JOYO Audio UK

Dave Grant is the owner of JOYO Audio UK
A family owned distributor and retailer of guitar effects, amplifiers and accessories.
est 2014 Manchester England.

2 Comments To "JOYO Footheramin New Guitar Effect Pedal"

Paul Hogue On 06 Jun 2019
I still want one. I mean, it's still a Theremin. Reply to this comment
bob sawyer On 04 Mar 2020
I want one too.......I love shit like this..........sci-fi on acid.....!!! ;)

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