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I wasn't sure whether to buy a "big name" reverb pedal or a more budge...
Dave on 30/11/-0001
This is a great pedal,it sounds great,it is amazingly versatile and incredible ...
william legg on 30/11/-0001
Absolutely fantastic value for money, this pedal. Cheap but does not lose out on...
George on 30/11/-0001
This product is the best thing i have ever owned, i have ran 2 amps, 8 pedals an...
Alexander on 30/11/-0001
Just took delivery of my new joyo vintage overdrive, plugged it in, (Fender hot ...
Bignorm on 09/11/2019
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JOYO B Stock

JOYO B Stock

With JOYO B Stock you can save anything from 10-30% off the UK RRP with our selection of brand new guitar effect pedals and more, direct from our shelf in the warehouse.

We personally test the B stock out and spend a couple of afternoons every month or so playing them all, we inspect and test every single pedal in this category. The term B-Stock is fairly open ended in the sense that it covers all New items, but the may have some cosmetic issue either having been on display, or returned by a retailer or a customer who may have ordered it online and then changed their mind. Everything here is all good, genuine bargains if its just a box that is bent on the corner., but we cant sell them as new, but other new..

Full details are given on the website page for that item, so if you are looking for some cheap new guitar gear then please bookmark this page, grab a bargain, visit us often & help us keep our stock room tidy!.

Warranty - Yes, we test everything and we guarantee that it will work when you get it, everything is brand new and will have a 6 months warranty, more details regarding the product, any marks, or the state of the box will be at the top of each description.


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B STOCK - JOYO PXL-4 Effect Pedal Loop Controller Black -19%
B STOCK - JOYO PXL-4 Effect Pedal Loop Controller Black - nothing wrong here, some very slight mark ..
£97.49 £79.16 Exc VAT: £65.97
B STOCK - JOYO JF-04 High Gain Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal -20%
B STOCK - some small marks on the side no instructions."Who's ready to become a 'Shred Master'?..
£32.99 £26.40 Exc VAT: £22.00
B STOCK - JOYO Uzi Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal - Revolution R Series -14%
B Stock - Ex display model has a teeny tiny dot of paint missing from the top of the pedal and also ..
£49.96 £43.20 Exc VAT: £36.00
B STOCK - JOYO JF-06 Vintage Phase Guitar Effect Pedal -15%
This is B Stock but perfect condition, grab a total bargain ! B Stock - near perfect condition apart..
£32.99 £28.19 Exc VAT: £23.49
B STOCK - JOYO JF-30 9V DC A/B Switch Guitar Effect Pedal -16%
JOYO B STOCK - Some slight surface scratches from being on our demo board at a show.. Works fine, ..
£34.99 £29.39 Exc VAT: £24.49
B STOCK - JOYO JF-32 Hot Plexi Drive Mini Guitar Effects Pedal -19%
B stock #9 - the paint finish on this has gone a bit wonky, it looks as though its got a bit of stic..
£34.99 £28.19 Exc VAT: £23.49
B STOCK - JOYO JF-33 Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal -14%
B Stock - Perfect ex display, no marks or scratches - missing original bubble wrap, but other than t..
£34.99 £30.00 Exc VAT: £25.00
B STOCK - JOYO JF-35 9V DC Pocket Metal Guitar Effect Pedal -16%
B STOCK - JOYO JF-35 9V DC Pocket Metal Guitar Effect Pedal - JOYO in perfect condition - returned b..
£34.99 £29.39 Exc VAT: £24.49
B STOCK - JOYO JF-303 Little Blaster Distortion Mini Guitar Effects Pedal -32%
B STOCK - EX DISPLAY, this pedal has not been anywhere, sat on a shelf. Its perfect - the instructio..
£49.96 £34.19 Exc VAT: £28.49
B STOCK - JOYO JF-305 AT Drive Mini Guitar Effects Pedal -30%
B STOCK - nothing wrong here with this pedal. The box has been opened but the pedal is perfect. Dave..
£49.96 £34.79 Exc VAT: £28.99
B STOCK - JOYO JF-309 Boogie Master Amp Sim Mini Guitar Effects Pedal -30%
B STOCK - No Mesa-ing around here, this is perfect amp sim pedal, use it to record direct into your ..
£49.96 £34.79 Exc VAT: £28.99
B STOCK - JOYO JF-315 Metal Head Distortion Mini Guitar Effects Pedal -30%
B STOCK - The pedal itself is perfect and has both the rubber & Velcro included - The box is squ..
£49.99 £34.79 Exc VAT: £28.99
B STOCK - JOYO JF-321 Bullet Metal Distortion Mini Guitar Effects Pedal -32%
Ex Display - a few very minor scratches to the sides where we have cabled it up a few times to demo...
£49.99 £34.19 Exc VAT: £28.49
B STOCK - JOYO JF-322 Wow Wah - Auto Wah Mini Guitar Effects Pedal -30%
B STOCK - The only thing I can see really is that the inner part of the cover has what I can try and..
£49.99 £34.79 Exc VAT: £28.99
B STOCK - JOYO JF-325 Molo-Trem Tremolo Mini Guitar Effects Pedal -30%
B STOCK - JOYO JF-325 Molo-Trem Tremolo Mini Guitar Effects Pedal - in perfect condition but returne..
£49.99 £34.79 Exc VAT: £28.99
B STOCK - JOYO JF-332 Moonbase Bass Guitar Effect Pedal Overdrive Jazz Blues -30%
B Stock - Mint condition nothing wrong, although a sticker is missing off the box. The new ..
£49.99 £34.79 Exc VAT: £28.99
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