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As good a sound, as pedals costing four times as much. I like this pedal for its full rounded sound. and affordable cost. Read More..
Mr J K Underwood on 30/11/-0001
Bought this as a replacement for a Harley Benton powerplant junior, basically be... Read More..
Ian Paul on 04/07/2019
Great pedal it's a little different than just one overdrive pedal or even two di... Read More..
Frank Glover on 30/11/-0001
Great piece of kit at a very budget price. It has got a range of very convincing Fenderish tones. I'm using it during lockdown with JamKazam for online jamming with friends. It is all analogue so does not add any latency to the signal. Read More..
SteveW on 04/06/2020
I had space on my board for one more pedal and though I have a tremolo effect on... Read More..
Eoin Jennings on 30/11/-0001
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JOYO B Stock

JOYO B Stock

With JOYO B Stock you can save anything from 10-30% off the UK RRP with our selection of brand new guitar effect pedals and more, direct from our shelf in the warehouse.

We personally test the B stock out and spend a couple of afternoons every month or so playing them all, we inspect and test every single pedal in this category. The term B-Stock is fairly open ended in the sense that it covers all New items, but the may have some cosmetic issue either having been on display, or returned by a retailer or a customer who may have ordered it online and then changed their mind. Everything here is all good, genuine bargains if its just a box that is bent on the corner., but we cant sell them as new, but other new..

Full details are given on the website page for that item, along with some waffle by Dave, so if you are looking for some cheap new guitar gear then please bookmark this page, grab a bargain, visit us often & help us keep our stock room tidy!.

Warranty - Yes, we test everything and we guarantee that it will work when you get it, everything is brand new and will have a 6 months warranty, more details regarding the product, any marks, or the state of the box will be at the top of each description.


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B STOCK - JOYO JF-305 AT Drive Mini Guitar Effects Pedal -30%
B STOCK - nothing wrong here with this pedal. The box has been opened but the pedal is perfect. Dave..
£49.96 £34.79 Exc VAT: £28.99
B STOCK - JOYO JF-308 Golden Face Amp Sim Mini Guitar Effects Pedal -30%
B STOCK - perfect condition marshall sounding amp simulator. Near perfect but was returned as overst..
£49.96 £34.79 Exc VAT: £28.99
B STOCK - JOYO JF-321 Bullet Metal Distortion Mini Guitar Effects Pedal -41%
Ex Display - a few very minor scratches to the sides where we have cabled it up a few times to demo...
£49.99 £29.39 Exc VAT: £24.49
B STOCK - JOYO JF-325 Molo-Trem Tremolo Mini Guitar Effects Pedal -23%
B STOCK - JOYO JF-325 Molo-Trem Tremolo Mini Guitar Effects Pedal - in perfect condition but returne..
£49.99 £38.39 Exc VAT: £31.99
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Having it Large! Introducing New JOYO Bantamp XL 2 II
It’s been 2 years since JOYO launched the BanTamP series of guitar amplifiers and we always knew that these amps would be popular at home, in practice and even in performance. They might be small but they are extra mighty in sound. Many of our users have taken them along for performance, connected them up with 2 x 12 & 4 x 12 cabinets and have been praising them ever since. The demand for the little tube guitar head amplifiers from JOYO has often exceeded supply!. We listened to our users playing on the amps and also their feedback (no pun intended) and we are now..
JOYO R Series Direct Interface pedals XLR balanced and unbalanced outputs
 Whilst in isolation Dave is having a conversation with himself about the use of XLR outputs on the newer JOYO Revolution series and for recording guitar in the home studio.  Hey Dave, I noticed on some of the latest JOYO gear like the Cab box, the DRj Sparrow bass DI and the new JOYO Preamp House that they all have XLR outputs, why is that? Its not a cable you usually see on a pedal board or associated with guitars is it?.no not historically, but JOYO are catering more and more for guitarists in the studio and for those who are recording at home, If you look at the succ..
Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Update from JOYO - Panic Buying Welcome !
 Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Update from JOYO - Panic Buying Welcome ! We would like to re-assure our JOYO customers at this difficult time that we are following all current guidelines & restrictions regarding the Corona virus & that our online business is very much still open, although some deliveries may take a little longer than normal, please do consider this when looking to purchase. JOYO U.K. is a small independent distributor operating from our own premises, so we are therefore lucky enough to be able to continue to work and offer our usual p..
JOYO PreAmp Firmware update
    This firmware updates an issue when using the FX LOOP.Please download and read the instruction, download the zip file and install.       Installation Instructions PDF Firmware Download. zip fileInstall the FirmwareConnect the JOYO PreAmp Pedal to the computer and run the firmware installer to update.   ..
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